Connecting to Library Databases from Off-Campus or via Campus Wireless


Step 1: From the Find it Results list or the Database A-Z list, click on the full-text link or a database name to select it

get full textor   screenshot of arrow pointing at database list

Step 2: Enter your Network or Genesis username/password and click on submit query

screenshot of ezproxy login screen

Note: Once you have logged in, you may change from one database to another without logging in again. However, each time you make a new connection to the internet, you will need to repeat this process. If you have problems connecting to other databases or seem to lose your privileges, just close your browser and then reconnect to the internet.

For questions, or problems with your network username and password:

  • Ask a Librarian for help
  • Remember that you can sync your network and genesis username and passwords by using the blue password reset link inside of Genesis

  • Call the GCC Help Desk (866) 614-5004 (Toll Free) or browse the Help Desk's website