Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as a representation for all GCC students and their collective interest. SGA promotes the cultural, educational, and social needs of the entire campus community. They work closely with the college administration and staff to ensure that the voice of the student body is heard.

Student Government Representatives 2012-2013:

President Rebecca Cobin rcobin1@my.genesee.edu
Vice President Sureda M Drue sdrue@my.genesee.edu
Secretary Kaileigh Domster kdomster@my.genesee.edu
Treasurer Cate Macho catemacho@gmail.com
Student Trustee John Mulhall jmulhall@my.genesee.edu
Senator Lindsay Balzano lbalzano@my.genesee.edu
Senator Brendan Brown bbrown16@my.genesee.edu
Senator Connie Eadie ceadie@my.genesee.edu
Senator Stephen Preston spresto1@my.genesee.edu
CAB Chair Carrie Curry ccurry3@my.genesee.edu



SGA Senate Meetings are open to all students who wish to attend. The Senate convenes on the first and third Tuesdays of every month when classes are in session in Room S103, Student Union. Meetings are held during Common Hour, and begin at 12:30pm. Minutes for each meeting are posted on the SGA bulletin board several days after each meeting and will explain any decisions that were made.

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Elections and Applications

Questions? Concerns? Issues?

SGA and CAB members can be located in their office, S119, Student Union, throughout the day when classes are in session. They also have student concern cards located on the table outside their office; these can be dropped into the suggestion box on the table. They can also be contacted by phone at (585) 343-0055 ext. 6444