Non-Matriculated Student Checklist

Step 1: Username/Student ID

Congratulations on your decision to take a class through SUNY Genesee Community College!

In order to set-up a password and login to MyGCC, you will recieve email communication with the following items:

  • Username/Net ID
  • Student ID (800XXXXXX)

For Technical Assistance contact the HELP DESK at 1-866-614-5004 and choose Option 1.

Step 2: Set-Up Password

  1. For video instruction, visit our Password Set up and Reset Video
  2. Visit the SUNY GCC website at www.genesee.edu.
  3. At the top of the homepage you will see a prompt to log in to myGCC.
  4. After selecting myGCC, click on the Supportvtab at the top of the page.
  5. Under Password help select: https://pwreset.genesee.edu.
  6. You will see a prompt for Set up Account/Lost Password.
  7. Enter your Username also known as NetID.
  8. You will be prompted first for your Student ID and Birth month (numerical digit without a “zero”).
  9. You will then be prompted to Create a Password.
  10. Once you successfully create your password you will be able to Log in to myGCC.
  11. It will be helpful to maintain a copy of your username and password in a safe and secure location.

For technical assistance, call the HELP DESK at 1-866-614-5004 and choose Option 1.

Step 3: Certificate of Residence (New York State Residents Only)

  1. General instructions for submitting on the Certificate of Residence page.
  2. Certificates of Residence cannot be dated more than sixty (60) days prior to the start ofvyour classes. Click here for IMPORTANT CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENCE SUBMISSION DUE DATES. vIf you are registered for classes that start after the beginning of the term, click herevfor STUDENT ACCOUNTS DATES & DEADLINES.
  3. Genesee County Residents, please download and fill out the Certificate of Residence Application and email it to COR@genesee.edu.
  4. For other New York State Residents, who live outside of Genesee County, please download and fill out the Certificate of Residence Application.
    • Have your form notarized and submit the application and any required proof of residence to your County Treasurer’s Office. Contact your County Treasurer’s Office for county-specific requirements.
    • Forward your valid Certificate of Residence (not the application) to COR@genesee.edu once your County issues the certificate.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: Failure to turn in a valid Certificate of Residence will result in double tuition charges being assessed.

Step 4: Billing

Do you know where to find your Bill? Student Accounts sends notices when an ebill is available for your viewing to both your GCC and personal email accounts. Be sure to login to myGCC and follow the instructions in the email to view your most recent ebill in your statement history. Please use the information below to view your bill and make payment arrangements.

  1. View your Bill
    1. Select Manage my Student Account
    2. Select View my Statement History
    3. Select a Term and Submit
  2. Pay your Bill
    1. Select Pay my Bill
    2. Nelnet will redirect you to their website for payment
    3. Select Make a Payment
  3. Enroll in Online Payment Plan
    1. Select Pay my Bill
    2. Nelnet will redirect you to their website for payment
    3. Select Set up Payment Plan

Step 5: SUNY COVID Vaccination Policy

SUNY COVID Vaccination requirement information can be located by clicking on the “GCC Marches On” logo on our home page or by clicking on the following link: Coronavirus (COVID-19) GCC Response Information.

Step 6: Submit Immunization Records

Proof of Immunization against measles, mumps and rubella is required of anyone born after 1956, who is enrolling for six or more credit hours (with at least one of those credit hours occurring on campus). Students who do not provide such proof may be dropped from registered classes in accordance with New York State health law and will have a hold placed on their account. All students registering for six or more credit hours must complete and return a meningitis response form. It is NOT necessary to have the meningitis vaccine; however, you do have to sign a waiver if you elect to not have the meningitis immunization. Those who fail to comply with these New York State laws will be prohibited from attending classes. For further information/guidance, please contact Student Health Services via email at health@genesee.edu.

Health Office Fax number: 585-345-6816

To view which immunization records you are required to submit,visit myGCC:

  1. Log in to myGCC
  2. Select My Account Tab
  3. Select My Banner Self-Service
  4. Select Personal Information
  5. Select Health Center Menu
  6. Select Student Immunizations Display

Step 7: View your Schedule:

  1. Login to myGCC
  2. Select My Account Tab
  3. Select My Banner Self-Service
  4. Select Student Services
  5. Select Registration Menu
  6. Select My Schedule Calendar View or My Schedule Printable View

Step 8: View your Course Details and Modality:

  1. Visit www.genesee.edu
  2. Click the ENROLL NOW button near the top of the GCC Homepage
  3. Select Term
  4. Search each course on your schedule
  5. Click on the course to view your instructor, notes, and meeting time
  6. Click the X in the top right-hand corner to close out the box
  7. While viewing your course, locate the column labeled Modality and Details
  8. Click the link to learn more about how your course will be taught

Step 9: View your Course Requirements and Syllabus:

  1. Login to myGCC
  2. select My Courses tab
  3. Registered courses will be listed under the “My Courses” section. The course will be unavailable until the instructor opens the course closer to the start date of the semester.
  4. Specific and detailed information about your courses will be provided to you directly by your instructors. Please continue to check your GCC student e-mail account AND check your Blackboard account frequently.
  5. To locate your instructor’s contact information visit GCC Faculty.

Step 10: View/Order your Course Textbook:

  1. Login to myGCC
  2. Select My Accountvtab
  3. Select Banner Self-Service
  4. Select Student Services
  5. Select Registration Menu
  6. Select Look Up Textbooks for My Classes

Step 11: Request a Transcript:

Once you complete your desired course at GCC, you may request to have your transcript sent by using the following instructions:

  1. Login to MyGCC
  2. select My Account Tab
  3. select My Banner Self-Service
  4. select Student Services
  5. select Student Records Information Menu
  6. select Request Official Transcripts
  7. Follow the instructions to place a transcript order

The cost of an official transcript is $10.00

Other Items of Importance:

Campus Resources: