Academic Advising - FAQ

  1. Am I required to meet with a Student Success Coach or advisor?
    1. We strongly recommend that you meet with your Student Success Coach or Advisor as they will assist you in choosing the correct classes for your degree program, help you monitor your progress toward degree completion, as well as provide you guidance and support while you are a student at GCC.
  2. Who is my Student Success Coach or Advisor?
    1. You may locate your Student Success Coach or Advisor's name in your DegreeWorks Degree Audit, which is accessible through your MyGCC account.
  3. Do I need to take the placement test?
    1. Placement scores are required for placement into reading, English and math classes for all new and transfer students. Students who have ACT scores are not required to take the College’s placement test. The Compass placement test is free to students who complete their testing at a GCC campus.
  4. Why do I have to take a non-credit or “transitional studies” course?
    1. Depending on Compass placement test scores or ACT scores, students may be required to take non-credit or transitional studies courses to help prepare them for college-level coursework. These courses lay a strong foundation for future academic success.
  5. What is a prerequisite? What is a co-requisite?
    1. A prerequisite course is a course that is required prior to another course. A co-requisite course is a course that may be taken along with another course.
  6. What is a degree audit? Or Degree Works?
    1. A degree audit is a tool to help students and advisors monitor progress toward program completion. Degree Works is the web-based software program (by Ellucian) that provides the software application.
  7. I am undecided about a major. What resources are available to help me?
    1. Academic advisors and a career services specialist are available to guide you as you explore your interests and possible majors. Also available to students on GCC’s Career Services webpage is “Purple Briefcase” an engaging career development application that allows students to search for jobs and internships, view and register for career events and workshops, take a personalized career assessment, complete a virtual mock interview, and much more to stand out in a competitive job market.
  8. How do I change my major or advisor?
    1. You may change your major by completing the Major and Advisor Change Form. The major change form is also available at the Student Success Center and Campus Centers. Please submit your completed form to the Student Success Center, a Campus Center, or ssc@genesee.edu.
  9. What is the difference between “dropping” a class and “withdrawing” from a class?
    1. The difference between dropping and withdrawing from classes has to do with timing and financial obligations. Please contact the Records Office or visit these webpages for more details about Adding/Dropping a class or Withdrawing from a class.
  10. If I repeat a course, does the higher grade replace the lower grade?
    1. Yes, when you repeat a course the higher grade is calculated into a student’s G.P.A. However, all grades earned will remain on a student’s transcript.
  11. How many more classes do I need to take to graduate?
    1. You may determine how many classes you need to graduate by running your degree audit (Degree Works) in your myGCC account. Academic advisors are available to assist you in interpreting your degree audit.
  12. How well do GCC credits transfer to other institutions?
    1. In general, GCC courses completed with grades of “C” or higher are transferable. However, each college institution has specific program criteria and requirements. For specific information regarding course equivalencies at a specific college, visit the transfer school website or speak with the Transfer Services Office.