Early Intervention & Support

Early Intervention and Support is a system that allows instructors to identify students who are presenting patterns that may lead to academic difficulty in their courses. Faculty members are able to partner with other campus resources/professionals in order to provide proactive assistance to students so that they are able to succeed in all courses.

If you feel that you are not doing as well as you could, we encourage you to reach out to your instructor for that course(s) as early as possible to begin a discussion on ways that you could improve.


What should you do if you receive an Early Intervention & Support?

  • Do not panic, your instructors want the best for you, and want you to succeed.
  • Reach out to your instructor in person or by email to discuss your academic progress.
  • Contact your Academic Advisor about any academic issues you may be having.

How does Early Intervention & Support help students?

  • When a student is referred, the instructor is able to partner with other GCC staff to assist students in identifying issues before they hinder the student’s ability to continue in their coursework.  This process could include referrals to appropriate resources, discussing other available options, or one-on-one academic tutoring.
  • Early Intervention and Support does not necessarily mean that you are failing.  IN most cases, it is an early opportunity to resolve a known or unknown concern that may impact your academic success.

How can you stay on top of your academics?

  • Stay in touch with your instructors:
    1. If you are absent, notify your instructor.
    2. If you don’t understand the material, visit your instructor during office hours for assistance.
  • Contact your academic advisor. Your advisor can help you select classes that will be most appropriate for you and your major, and also help you find resources for academic success.


How can I access the Early Intervention & Support System?

There are two reporting options for Early Intervention and Support.

  1. For an academic concern: Faculty members can access Early Alert and Support referrals through TutorTrac. Log in with GCC credentials (NetID and password).
  2. For a behavioral concern: Faculty and staff members can submit an Online Incident Reporting Form.

How does the Early Intervention & Support System help faculty?

The Early Intervention and Support reporting system allows faculty and staff to identify areas of academic and behavioral concern for our students. The system will connect faculty and staff with professional staff members that are able to help students navigate these issues.

All academic issues will be addressed by Academic Advisors. Any behavioral issues that may be identified will be addressed by the BIT Team.