Below is a sampling of the many committee opportunities available at Genesee:

Academic Innovation

The Academic Innovation Committee shall:

Receive, evaluate and make recommendations on proposals submitted by members of the college community.  These proposals shall relate to original instruction research, experimentation, improvement, or development.  Such proposals should reflect originality and applicability to the college environment.  Where appropriate, proposals shall include recommendations for funding, including the possibility of a stipend paid to the proponent(s), or other means of implementation.  Proposals that include scholarly research are encouraged, but the committee shall not consider proposals that solely request travel or training subsidies.

Academic Standards

The Academic Standards Committee shall:

Review the total academic standards of the College and make recommendations for needed policies and procedures, including recommendations on such matters as grading policies, admission to curricula, academic status, and evaluation of transfer credits of incoming students.

Act as the Board of Review for petitions from students or faculty requesting modification of graduation requirements and grievances concerning academic status and final course grades.

Banner Managers Committee (Ban Man), is a long-standing committee that unites area managers and power users of the Banner system (the College’s administrative system) in order to foster creative problem-solving regarding administrative processes and to address issues related to but not limited to Banner training, security, data standards, implementation of new applications, and the revision of timelines. 

The Committee makes recommendations to the College’s main information technology committee, the Information Technology Administrative Team (ITAT), whose members include the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, the vice presidents for Human Resources and Planning, Finance and Operations, and Student and Enrollment Services along with the directors of Computer Services, Development and External Affairs, Academic Computer Technology, and the Manager of Academic Computing.  Computer Services actively participates on Ban Man and ITAT committees and briefs these committees on relevant tasks at each meeting.  Members of these committees then take this information to other committees on which they serve, especially those related to various aspects of technology (Information Technology, Web Team, Teaching and Learning Technology).  Feedback and informal evaluations received from these technology-based committees then serve to prioritize or reprioritize written Computer Services tasks throughout each year as specified in the Computer Services Annual Work Plan.


The Curriculum Committee shall:

Recommend the adoption of revisions, rejections, formulations and implementations of current curricula, courses, and programs based on their academic merit. Excluded are the non-credit courses, which are the responsibility of the Dean of Workforce and Community Education.  Included are all credit courses and any noncredit courses related to certificate and degree programs including the developmental and remedial programs.

Employee Orientation

The Committee’s goal is to help new employees get acclimated to GCC so that they can be more effective in performing their jobs.  Orientation involves establishing a mentor process, building relationships, and promoting a functional understanding of roles and processes at the College.

Employee of the Month

The Committee’s goal is to recognize outstanding achievement in areas such as job performance, professional service, college service and/or community service.  There is a requirement that the person be employed at Genesee Community College for at least one year.

Fine Arts Committee

The Fine Arts Committee is responsible for bringing fine and performing arts events into the Stuart Steiner Theatre at the Genesee Center for the Arts.  The Committee’s budget (partially funded by the Student Government Association) is used to select a variety of events that will appeal to diverse audiences ranging from children to senior citizens.  Events include music, dance, theatre, film, storytellers, and Lobby Gallery art exhibitions.

Genesee Community College Association (GCCA)

The GCCA is a separately incorporated body whose purpose is to budget all student activity fees and control their expenditure.  Its membership includes the Student Government Association, the Student Activities Council, and the Athletic Board of Control (ABC).  The Board of Directors meets monthly and is chaired by the Vice President of Student and Enrollment Services.  The Vice Chair is the President of the Student Government Association, the Secretary is the Vice President of Human Resources and Planning and the Treasurer is the Vice President for Administration.  The GCCA sponsors the Child Care Center and operates both the copier services in the Library and the students’ rental lockers.

Genesee Unites to Support Team Opportunities! (GUSTO)

We at the College are working together to make Genesee the best it can be at providing a quality experience for our students and each other. Collaboration and communication are the keys to building this kind of positive environment, as well as recognizing each other's importance in this process. GUSTO! is committed to fostering morale and promoting the vitality of the College community by facilitating staff development through the offering of training seminars, workshops, social and cultural events that create a team-oriented work place. Please e-mail GUSTO! with any comments or suggestions. Join the GUSTO! Facebook Group.

Global Education

The Global Education Committee facilitates the exploration of foreign cultures by students, faculty, staff and the community through a wide variety of cultural events.  These activities include: International/Multi-cultural student receptions, lectures, international food tasting events, and cultural performances encompassing music, theater, traditional costumes and dances, poetry and art.

Student Success

The Student Success Committee shall:

Review recruitment programs and make recommendations to appropriate College staff of possible ways to enhance communication and interest in Genesee Community College*; assess and support college-wide retention plan, develop policies and procedures where appropriate, and make recommendations to the appropriate college staff pf possible ways to aid in retention.

Although review of institutional programs is inherent in the process of performing some of these functions, it is neither intended nor implied that evaluation of a person or group of persons will be the prerogative of this body or any subdivision thereof.