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Getting the Job

Resume Writing

Access the Guide to Resume Writing, additional resume resources, and up-load your resume for employers connected to GCC to find you by logging-in to Purple Briefcase and choosing “my resume.” You can learn additional resume tips by accessing “my channels” in Purple Briefcase and searching #resume.

Cover Letter Writing

Access the Guide to Cover Letter Writing by logging-in to Purple Briefcase, choosing “my channel” and searching #coverletter. The guide is listed under documents, but you can learn additional cover letter tips by watching the videos, in addition to the video below.

Interviewing Skills / Mock Interviews

Participating in a mock interview will work on improving your interviewing skills and help you learn more about what to expect from an interview. You can practice virtually through Purple Briefcase by choosing “my prep” or in person by contacting Career Services. Also, within “my channels” #interviewing you can find our Guide for Interviewing Skills.

Job Search Strategies

A variety of strategies can be used to search for jobs. Find suggested Job Boards in Purple Briefcase “my jobs” and “my links.” Our Guide to Job Searching and helpful videos can be found in Purple Briefcase within “my channels” #jobsearch.