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Preparing for Your Career

Internships / Cooperative Education

Looking for practical work experience related to your major and/or career goals? Once logged into Purple Briefcase, you can choose "my internships" to search internship postings sent to the Career Services Office.

Learn about the Disney College Program.

Job Shadowing / Informational Interviewing 

Would you like valuable insight and perspective on an occupation that is of interest to you? Coming soon in Purple Briefcase is Cougar Connect, a database of professionals called who are willing to provide you with this experience. In the meantime, contact Career Services for more information. You can also learn additional tips by logging-in to Purple Briefcase, choosing "my channel" and searching #mentor.


Sharing information and services by interacting with individuals or groups with a common interest is important to career success. Find networking sites in Purple Briefcase under "my links" or learn additional tips by choosing "my channel" and searching #networking.