Genesee Community College

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Seeking a Degree

  • If you're planning on earning your degree and graduating from GCC.
  • For both Full or Part-time students.


Not Seeking a Degree

  • If you just want to take some classes without earning your degree at GCC.
    (If you are concurrently enrolled at a SUNY school, visit our Cross Registration page for details on how to register.)
  • For Part-time students only.


Seeking a Micro-Credential

Micro-credential programs are designed to cover specific skills. They require just 9 to 15 credit hours in courses relevant to your chosen topic, and can be earned in as quickly as one semester.

International Students Seeking a Degree

  • International Students wishing to come to GCC on an F-1 Visa and obtain a degree.


International Students Not Seeking a Degree

  • International Students in the United States or abroad wishing to take a GCC course.


Genesee Promise Plus (GPP)

Genesee Promise PlusAre you or are you going to be a:

  • 2020 High school Graduate? 
  • 2020 G.E.D. Recipient? 
  • 2021 Expected High School Graduate?
  • New Adult College Student?

Check out the Genesee Promise Plus scholarship program.


As long as you’ve attended Genesee in the last 12 months, you’re still eligible to register. Simply login to myGCC and you can sign up for upcoming classes!

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