GCC Wireless: Which Network Should I Choose?

GCC offers three options for accessing wireless from the Batavia campus.  How do you know which option to choose?  Take a look at our selection chart and see which option best fits your need:

Network Name Attributes
  • No username/password required
  • Works with all devices
  • Is not a secure network
  • Authenticates the user using the Genesee Network Username/Password
  • Does not require any software to be loaded onto the laptop (or other portable computing device) (unlike the GCC_Secure network)
  • Works well with non-Apple devices
  • A user will have to re-authenticate if they switch from GCC_Portal  to GCC (or GCC_Secure) and then go back to using to GCC_Portal. GCC_Portal does not cache login credentials and was designed to not do that.
  • Is not a secure network
  • Authenticates the user using the Genesee Network Username/Password
  • GCC_Secure will work well with Apple devices and has the added benefit of encrypting the wireless signal from the device to the wireless access point.  
  • GCC_Secure **does not** work well on non-Apple devices.

Remember to practice safe computing when using an open Wi-Fi network like GCC or GCC_Portal.  When using an open network, you are vulnerable to network traffic "sniffing" programs. Someone "sniffing" network traffic can acquire any usernames or passwords that you may use or any data that you send over the internet, compromising your safety and security.

Note that the campus Network Administrator recommends using GCC if you can.