Phi Theta Kappa Display March 1-21

March 3, 2017

Stop by the Alfred C. O'Connell Library to check out this month's Phi Theta Kappa display, which will be available until Tuesday, March 21.

phi theta kappa display

GCC Phi Theta Kappa Officers, Alpha Iota Upsilon Chapter of PTK
(left to right) Paul, Kevin, Victor, Lea, Seong 

Check out videos from the recent PTK NY Regional Convention on the PTK Genesee Facebook page

From the PTK Officers:

            The purpose of Alpha Iota Upsilon Chapter is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Alpha Iota Upsilon Chapter shall provide opportunities for the development of leadership and service. This will foster an environment for intellectual climate and exchange of ideas. Also offer lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.

            The Alpha Iota Upsilon Chapter team has worked on raising awareness among Genesee Community College students on the importance of completing a community college with an Associate Degree through C4 plan. According to current research, only 10% of community college students complete their associate's degree within 6 years of beginning school. There are many benefits to college completion, including being more prepared to work in our competitive society, earning higher wages, and having more opportunities to be successful. Through C4 activity, we encourage students to increase visibility of the importance of college completion and achieve their future career goals. Therefore, we, PTK, have worked with Genesee Community College library, where there is a lot of influx and out-flux of students, by exposing some motivational books, posters, and many items related to the C4 and student success.

            We also encourage people to be a part of Phi Theta Kappa and, moreover, become an officer for 2017-2018. By participating in the leadership team, students can make their college life different. By committing to C4, students open doors to various commitments and opportunities in life. They are able to check each goal off their list and become motivated to continue their education, or excel in their selected job field.