Fashion scene on display to mark 40th Annual GCC Fashion Show

April 23, 2021

The “Rendezvous” fashion scene featuring dresses designed and created by student Alexis Remington is on display in the library through May 10th. Dresses and designs by Alexis will also be featured in GCC’s 40th Annual Fashion Show Novaturient presented virtually Saturday, May 1st at 6PM. Please see Alexis’ artist statement below the images:

Fashion Rendezvous scene

My name is Alexis Remington and I’m a sophomore Fashion Business major with a concentration in Fashion Design. After graduating, I plan to transfer to Buffalo State to continue my studies in Fashion Design. When I’m done with school, I hope to move to New York City and open my own fashion boutique selling my garments.

Inspiration for the “Rendezvous” scene came from the architecture of Budapest and a dark romance; the color story was inspired by the environment around the city. I wanted the feel of this scene to be sensual but elegant. Many of my designs are gowns and cocktail dresses that are very extravagant. “Rendezvous” is my second fashion show scene. Last year, I created the scene “Rebellion” for the show, Ebullition.