Family presents books to GCC Library in memory of late brother

The family of former GCC student Jeff Falker met with Library Director Nina Warren on Wednesday, April 11 to donate items in his memory.  According to the Daily News, Falker, "who died Dec. 18, 2011, of lung cancer, was a meticulous yet caring man who took science courses at Genesee Community College in the late 1990s."  Mr. Falker's family donated two full totes of books and a skull replica, which will be housed in the college’s library, science anatomy lab and physical therapy assistant department.  Director Warren said, “We are greatly honored by the donation. These items really will live on, and it it is also wonderfully practical. The books and skull will be touched and used by hundreds of people. It’s a lovely way to honor someone.”

 Information is also available in this GCC College News posting from April 13, 2012.

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