Collaborative Civil War Exhibit on Display

The Alfred C. O'Connell Library is pleased to host a new collaborative exhibit on the Civil War.  The exhibit represents the efforts of a cadre of interested parties including the Holland Land Office Museum, Genesee County History Department, GCC Alfred O’Connell Library, and a few very dedicated local citizens and Civil War and history enthusiasts, including Tom Bowers, Sue Conklin, David Armitage and John Molyneux.

civil war exhibit             civil war exhibit

More than a dozen miniature models depicting various scenes and situations of wartime are on display, as well as a full case of authentic Civil War weapons and accoutrements, uniforms, a tent, and a selection of framed newspapers dating back to the 1850’s. The Civil War Exhibit continues through February 17, 2012 and is open during normal Library hours.

civil war exhibit

A grand opening reception of the Civil War Exhibit is scheduled for Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 12:30 pm and features a presentation by Derek Maxfield, GCC’s Civil War Historian and history instructor. His program will be entitled, "Turning a Page: War Becomes Real in 1862." He will be in full costume as a Civil War era gentleman and he will be joined by several other Civil War re-enactors in full dress.  For more information, see the college's recent press release about the exhibit.

civil war exhibit