10 Useful Online Tools for Presentations and Group Projects

Web 2.0 Technology to Make Yourself Look Cool - Written by Librarian Sarah Karas

Have you ever felt like you were the last to know about an app or online tool? Have you ever seen a presentation that included web 2.0 technology that would have made your own presentation ten times better? Well fret no more! Here are ten web 2.0 technologies that will make you look hip, cool and impress those around you!

  canva icon 


Canva is a free online tool to help you create a variety of items that require some sort of visual design. It has templates for flyers, presentations, posters, invitations, business cards, and even facebook covers! Canva contains free and pay-for images to use, or you can upload your own. Once you are satisfied with your creation, you can publish it to various social media networks or download it in an image or PDF file.


prezi icon


Are you sick of creating presentations using Powerpoint? If so, consider using Prezi. It is cloud-based, so as long as you have access to the Internet, you can get to it from anywhere. With Prezi, you aren’t tied down to a slide format. This function gives you the ability to create a flexible and dynamic presentation.


stormboard icon


Have you ever needed to get together with a group of people to brainstorm for a project, but haven’t been able to coordinate a time to meet in person? Well, Stormboard is the answer for you. It is an online “whiteboard” available (for free) to users as a space to generate ideas.  You can add pictures, videos, comments, and more to the board. You can even chat in real time with all the users you have allowed access to your personal board!


animoto icon


If you have ever wanted to mix pictures and video together into one slideshow, consider using Animoto. It is a free service that allows you to upload pictures and videos and rearrange them into a slideshow. You can also add text and music. Animoto even comes with beautiful background slide styles. Animoto allows you to share your video across a multitude of platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more.


padlet icon


Padlet describes itself as a “blank wall”. It is similar to Stormboard in the sense that you can dump anything on it and it is free. You can share your finished wall on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and many other social media sites! In addition, padlet allows you to export it in a variety of file formats, embed it on a website, or even print it out. Explore and see what other people have created to generate your own ideas of how to utilize this great online tool!

storybird icon


Wrote a story, but need some artwork to go along with it? Or created some beautiful artwork that you want to be able to share with other people? Consider checking out Storybird. It is a free online service where you can create your own stories or read other people’s creations!


wiggio icon


Do you have to work in a group, but no one lives anywhere near each other? Consider checking out Wiggio. This free online service allows you to create a private group where you can host virtual meetings and conference calls, manage events on a shared calendar, manage and upload files, and even create to-do lists.


maptales icon

Map Tales

If you are feeling really inspired, make sure you check out Map Tales. It is a great free tool to help you enhance presentations or just nerd out. Use it to create a visual travel itinerary for an upcoming trip, or to take a virtual tour across the world. Illustrate events in literature or throughout history. The possibilities are endless!


dingo icon


Diigo is a great place to organize all those important websites you frequent on a daily basis. Since it is an online application, you can take those bookmarks wherever you go. It is a great tool for researching, allowing you to categorize, tag, and put together lists of websites. You can even share your list of websites with others.


go 2 web 2 icon

Go 2 Web 2.0

Okay. This one is cheating a bit. It is not technically Web 2.0 technology, but it does contain a list of different web 2.0 technologies available. You can search through the list by categories or keywords! It is a great place to find new and nifty online tools and applications!