Food & Drink Policy

The Alfred C. O'Connell Library is committed to providing a comfortable, clean, safe environment for all of our patrons.  We understand the need for a snack or drink to keep you energized while studying in the library.  However, because spilled food and drink present a potential hazard to library resources and equipment, and may disturb others, the Library asks that everyone take reasonable precautions when eating or drinking in the library.


  • Drinks with lids are allowed.  Light snacks, such as chips, candy, pretzels, or other small portions are also allowed.
  • Hot food, messy food, regular sized meals, or food with strong smells should be consumed in the cafeteria or the Student Union. If you are eating this type of food, Library staff may ask you to leave the library.
  • Food trays are not allowed.
  • Please report accidental spills as soon as possible so that they may be cleaned up.
  • Please dispose of trash properly in order to leave a clean workspace for your peers.