Children in the Library

The Alfred C. O'Connell Library welcomes patrons of all ages. However, concern for the safety of children as well as proper stewardship of library resources prompts the following:

  • A child is defined as anyone who appears to be under the age of sixteen.
  • A responsible adult must accompany children in the library at all times. The presence of unaccompanied children will be reported to Campus Safety.
  • A child who is disruptive, uses library resources inappropriately, or damages library materials or equipment, will be reported to Campus Safety.
  • Alfred C. O'Connell Library computers are intended for the use of Genesee Community College students, faculty, staff, and adult community patrons who obtain library cards.
  • Library computers do not have content filters; adults may not log children on to use the computers.

Library staff members cannot provide supervision or act as guardians, nor are they expected to search for accompanying adults or verify the ages of children. All concerns re unattended children will be reported to Campus Safety.