2008 Poetry Contest

Seventh Annual (2008) GCC Student Poetry Contest Winners

The Alfred C. O’Connell Library Proudly Announces the Seventh Annual GCC Student Poetry Contest Winners

2008 Poetry contest winners

Winners (left to right): William Foreman, Stacey Waugh, Cheryl Lewis, Clothilde Casey, Jeramiah Pauly, Leah Reino
(unavailable for photo: Sharyn Henry)

Award Poet Title of Winning Poem
First Prize William Foreman ether
Best Body of Work Leah Reino

Memory of a Dream
Old Tree in Spring

Second Prize Stacey Waugh Halloween
Third Prize Clothilde Casey Life
Director's Choice Sharyn Henry My Best Friends
Math Haiku Jeramiah Pauly Math Haiku
Math Poem Cheryl Lewis Math Poem

First Prize - William Foreman


sly smooth and slithering it moves like blood through vein
byzantine branches conceal more than can be seen
what only shall be known in sounds and shadow play
coldness shoots through stomach heart of unsheltered prey
insides tighten tangle and brace for quick defense
when mind is lost and dully mute in shadows dense
while it moves through blood like swirling serpentine curls
ether glazes over insects in amber pearls

william foreman

Best Body of Work - Leah Reino


The last drops of the golden liquor of summer
Before the harsh abstinence of winter
Inebriated with sun and warmth
Flaunting the hours as a drunk man his money
Even the trees celebrate with revelry
Bright colors streaming as they dance in the breeze
Throwing their leaves about in joyous celebration
A final, fierce, defiant stand to prolong blissful, dreamy, summer days
So drunken with this tempting wine
Disregarding the approach of winter
Blazing out in a glorious flame
Setting the hills afire with color
The dizzying smell of fresh fallen leaves intoxicating all creatures
Into joyous celebration of the golden reign of never-ending summer
Even as the warning frost creeps at night
Blind ones! Dazzled by the golden light and color
All creatures dance in the shimmering splendor
Of the October forest.

Memory of a Dream

A ghost of a memory,
Laughing silently
In my mind

I strain for it,
My fingers closing on
Empty space

Its laugh echoes
As the memory of a dream
Slips away.

A few wisps remain,
Sad remembrance
Of a rich fantasy.

Old Tree in Spring

Old gnarled wood
On twisted grey branches
Yet still green buds on tender sprigs
He seems to murmur
“Ah, spring again?”

He has seen many
But each time buds anew
Earning the green crown of leaves
Through the bitter winter
And years of growth

He permits The small birds
The woodland creatures
To build their homes
They, too, survived the cold

Old tree in spring
Silently bearing
Each added year
So like
A human

Leah Reino

Second Prize - Stacey Waugh


Darkness falls, the moon comes out
Costumed children all about
On the streets these kids are seen
Yes, of course, it’s Halloween!

Scary monsters roam the night
All these creatures full of fright
Many costumes, old and new
Werewolves, ghosts, and witches, too

Hunting for some tasty treats
Taffy, gum, and other sweets
Kids love candy, this is true
Give them some if they say “boo!”

Decorations streak the door
Spider webs and bats galore
Ring the doorbell, trick or treat
Scare the person off his feet!

Put your candy in a sack
Eat it all when you get back
You don’t like this? Trade with me
You want Starburst, I’ve got three!

Trick-or-treating, so much fun
Sad to say, the night is done
Down your cheek there rolls a tear
Cheer up, kid, there’s still next year!

stacey waugh

Third Prize - Clothilde Casey


Stopped, don’t know if I can go. Yield?
Go, you can go. Green light.
Slow start-Rolling-Accelerating.
Speed. Too fast! Can’t stop. Adrenaline masking fear.
Left. No, wrong. Always turn right, right, right way, right path.
But I want to turn left - left.
Fear is apparent, no help now.
Out of control- Speeding, skidding, soaring

clothilde casey

Director's Choice - Sharyn Henry

My Best Friends

I have six lovely kitties
I love them all to death.
Sometimes they eat fishy tuna
And then have stinky breath.

Their box is full of cat toys,
Catnip, balls and mice.
They get them all out at once
And that’s not very nice.

All cozy, soft and furry,
Two have very long hair.
They love to lay on anything;
I yell, “Oh no, don’t get on there!”

What more could anyone ask for?
They’re as faithful as can be.
When arrive at home from work,
They’re always waiting for me.

There’s Pumpkin, Cuddles and sweet Toosie Lou,
Biggy Boy, Baby Girl, and little Marlee Sue.
It’s so hard to get upset with them
For they’re my best friends, too.

I never wanted six cats,
But somehow got them all.
I wouldn’t trade them for anything,
Not anything at all.

I keep my cats in the house.
I never let them out.
They’d only get all dirty
And eat a nasty mouse.

My house is really very clean
And doesn’t ever smell.
You’d never know I had six cats,
No you could not tell.


Math Poem - Haiku - Jeramiah Pauly

Math Haiku

"The art of numbers,
mathematical expression,
boundless and precise."

Jeramiah Pauly

Math Poem - Cheryl Lewis

Math Poem

I was told to write a math poem.
It's a mystery to me. But I must
attempt to accomplish. For it's
worth extra credit you see.

For me, math has become more difficult.
My daughter says not to fret. But I
just don't understand, when did math
become an alphabet?

I had no problem with subtraction,
understood multiplication and
division. But add an X or Y and I
have to check my vision.

Today there's algebra and calculus,
and trigonometry. There's also math
called statistics. Oh yeah, and
don't forget geometry.

I feel my brain is overloaded.
I can barely use a computer. It
shows my age, but all I can say is
thank goodness for the math tutor.

I was told to write a math poem.
Not sure it's even correct. But I
need the extra credit and to THAT
math I will not object.

Cheryl Lewis

poetry reading

Winners were honored April 3rd at the 2008 Poetry Contest Awards Ceremony.
Above, Clothilde Casey recites her Third Prize-winning poem Life.