2007 Poetry Contest

Sixth Annual (2007) GCC Student Poetry Contest Winners

2007 Poetry Contest Winners

Winners (left to right): Michael Panepinto, Lois Mudge, Leah Reino
(unavailable for photo: Denise Sawdey)

Award Poet Title of Winning Poem
First Prize Michael Panepinto Trapped Echo
Second Prize Leah Reino Old Horse
Third Prize Denise Sawdey THE CIRCLE
Best Nature/Environmental Poem Leah Reino An Autumn Moment
Best Limerick Lois Mudge untitled

Winning Poems

First Prize - Michael Panepinto

Trapped Echo

Shattered lives, cuttin knives and crack pipes
Small town Batavia witnessed homicide
Another victim to this money makin prohibition game
Brother shot to death over cocaine
Trapped community sufferin from no unity
Given no opportunity to succeed, plant a seed
Save their slowly dyin breed
May the innocent fallen of 9/11
Reside in the beautiful kingdom of heaven
But as a nation, we got what we deserved
We leave illicit addicts to overdose at the curb
The way we treat our people has got me disturbed
How can we expect to police world peace?
When the trap on our streets ceases to sleep
Fuel billions into war in the Middle East
But none into the disease of poverty
I take a moment of silence, hope for an end to all the violence
She remembers the last day she watched her child play
Window rolled down, cocked AK, spray and pray some don’t go stray
That’s why mama cries today…her son didn’t get to see 1st grade
Aftermath occurred, life was blurred
She took the steps to the third, jumped and followed the voice she heard
Saw the hearse and the vanquished curse as she escaped the hurt
U know what’s scary? They’re buried in our cemeteries
Growin up in this country thought everything was so heavenly
Blind to all the catastrophes
Brothers contemplatin suicide mouth wrapped ‘round that four-five
Makin that fatal decision fearin the fate of prison
Ending pain from sufferin in the filthy game
I grew up in Anno Domini not Apocalypse Dawning
Before Crack turned into Burden on the Classless
The cursed never asked for this endless madness
When will politicians truly listen?
Bunch of green fiends plannin schemes behind scenes
So worried about unimportant issues
Gona have to give my brothers another tissue
Nobody cares, the names continue to rack up on welfare
Free these people, our people
From economic and social oppression
They livin like its a modern great depression
Legalize all the drugs then u won’t have your “thugs”
Set up medical dependency centers
Or are u afraid of the image it might render?
Alright I see how it is, you just gona leave the dope to the kids
Dealin crack is a promising temptation
Let em get an education, contribute to this near hopeless nation
Go ahead donate to another useless charity
While these people sit in everything but prosperity
Bound eternally to poverty roots stemming from slavery
Harass the harmless man for sellin smack
Let him resist arrest so u can snap his back
Or lock him up in the state pen, can’t support his family then
These laws are nuthin but lies, the truth is held in my eyes
U could give a fuck if these people rot in their cage
As long as u gettin paid
Leave em to the streets to get shot
Don’t matter to u they’ve already been burned in the melting pot
America’s drug policy is a flat out fallacy
Keepin em trapped forever is insane, end this inhumane game

Second Prize - Leah Reino

Old Horse

Old horse, Old horse,
What do you hear,
When you pause with your grazing,
And stand with pricked ears?

Do you hear the crowds cheering
As you raced for the crown?
Or the hushed silence of the track,
Before the morning crowds?

“Do you remember,”
I said with a salty tear,
“When we raced through the countryside
Without any fear?”

He turned to me,
His bones all sore,
He seemed to sigh,
“No more, No more.”

Third Prize - Denise Sawdey


Maidens fair - dripping with summer yellow suns;

All ripening to the creation of a full, red tomorrow

Keep bloom until the waning of the moon,

In their time to dwell in the deepness of sleep,

the setting of the sun, the close of the circle.


Best Nature/Environmental Poem - Leah Reino

An Autumn Moment

One autumn evening,
As I lay,
Beneath my willow tree,
A breeze came down,
And rustled,
The branches playfully.

And as it tickled,
My graceful willow tree,
A single golden leaf
Came free,
And while it seemed to fall,
There was no time at all.

For the sun sent down,
A single amber ray,
That turned everything
To gold.

And in that moment,
That ecstasy,
The wind, the sun, the leaf, the tree,
I was them and they were me.

Best Limerick - Lois Mudge

There once was a boy from Dakota

He always drank more than his quota

He drank fancy port

Was a real silly sort

He now lives in jail drinking soda

2007 winners being interviewed

Winners being interviewed by a reporter from the The Daily News and by Jim Wheeler (right), reporter for the New Courier