2011 Photo Contest

On Thursday, December 1, 2011, the library hosted its first annual Student Photo Contest Awards ceremony.  Award winners were:

Nina Warren and Christina Barnes

Best Book-Themed Photo: Christina Barnes

Nina Warren and Sherrity DiSanto
Best Composition and Best Use of Perspective:
Sherrity DiSanto

Nina Warren and Yvonne Gavett

Best Black & White Photo: Yvonne Gavett

Not Pictured: Best 'Library Banner' Photo: Jordan Taylor

Winning Photos

Christina Barnes - Best Book-Themed Photo
Christina Barnes book photo


Jordan Taylor - Best 'Library Banner' Photo
Jordan Taylor photo


Yvonne Gavett - Best Black & White Photo
Yvonne Gavett photo


Sherrity DiSanto - Best Composition
Sherrity DiSanto photo


Sherrity DiSanto - Best Use of Perspective
Sherrity DiSanto photo