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Summer 2022

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Subject Code Subject
ACC Accounting
ANT Anthropology
ASL American Sign Language
AST Astronomy
ATH PE Competitive Fundamentals
BIO Biology
BLM Business Logistics Management
BUS Business Administration
CEP Career Educational Planning
CES College Skills
CHE Chemistry
CIN Cinema
CIS Computer Information Systems
COE Cooperative Education
COM Communications and Media Arts
CPS Creative Problem Solving
CRJ Criminal Justice
CSN Computer Sys & Network Technology
DAN Dance
ECO Economics
EDF Education
EGR CAD (Engineering Science)
ELC Electrical
ENG English
ESL English Second Language
FBM Fashion Merchandising Mgmt
FPT Food Processing Technology
FRE French
FYE Foundations of Academic Success
GEO Geography
HED Health Education
HIS History
HON Honors
Subject Code Subject
HUM Humanities
HUR Human Relations
HUS Human Services
JOU Journalism
LDR Leadership
LIT Literature
MAT Mathematics
MET Meteorology
MSP Math/Science Preparatory
MUS Music
NST Nanoscience Technology
NUR Nursing
OFT Office Technology/Secretarial
PED Physical Education
PHB Phlebotomy
PHI Philosophy
PHO Photography
PHY Physics
PLG Paralegal
PLP Prior Learning Portfolio
POS Political Science
PSG Polysomnography Technology
PSY Psychology
PTA Physical Therapist Assistant
PVO Solar (Photovoltaic)
RCP Respiratory Care
REA Reading
SOC Sociology
SPA Spanish
SPE Speech
THE Theatre
THM Tourism & Hospitality Mgmt
VET Veterinary Technology