Academic Computing Services

The purpose of the Student Resource Center (SRC) is to assist Genesee Community College (GCC) students in their pursuit of academic excellence. This is accomplished through the use of computers, video and other electronic teaching tools.

The SRC will provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment which is conducive to learning for all of its users. The SRC will employ a trained, professional staff possessing excellent interpersonal skills and capable of giving instruction on the proper use of the equipment and software available.

Who Do We Serve?

The SRC is designed to serve the students of GCC/ESC. ESC are Empire State Students. This service is provided through access to modern computers, software, VCR's, tape players and also instruction in their use.

Role of the SRC Staff

The role of the SRC staff is to assess the needs of our students and meet those needs (when possible) by offering assistance and instruction in proper use of the resources available in the SRC. The SRC staff are available as a supplement to, not a substitute for, classroom instruction.

SRC users are to complete assignments on their own. Student Aides should not type, answer specific questions related to course work, or enter commands for the students. Aides should allow the students to enter any and all commands themselves, allowing the student to learn from the process.