Background Information

In October of 1999, Genesee Community College was awarded a 5-year Federal Strengthening Institutions grant through Title III. This developmental grant provides financial support for several projects within the college, including the creation of the Language Laboratory. Funding for the Language Lab became available during Year-2 of the grant and will continue though Year-5. Through its incorporation into the language programs, the Lab will offer increased opportunities for learning and student success.

Research, planning and preparation for the Language Lab began in October of 2000. In addition to on-line research, project staff traveled to working Language Labs and attended professional conferences. The information and resources they gathered from these sources helped them to plan the design and layout of the new Lab, to select software and hardware for use in the Lab, and to re-design current curriculum to incorporate this technology.

College funded renovations to the space formerly occupied by the television studio began in May of 2001. This site was chosen because of its proximity to the Humanities faculty offices. The Language Lab became fully operational and ready to accommodate language classes in the Spring of 2002.

Genesee Community College is the only institution in the area that provides students with the technological resources available in the Language Lab. The Lab houses 25 student workstations and one instructor workstation. Other teaching tools include: a tech commander, document camera, scanner, multi-format VCR, projection system, audio mixer/amp and speakers. Tutorial support in Spanish, French, Reading and ESL is also available in the Lab. Students will be able to practice conversational skills through the use of language software with audio and recording capabilities. To afford this opportunity to our rural population, the same supportive software will be available at each of Genesee Community College's Campus Centers in future years.

The Language Laboratory would not have been made possible without funding from the Title III Grant and the knowledge and hard work of its project staff. A special thanks to all involved in the creation, development and incorporation of the Language Lab.