When Can I Transfer From GCC?

Many students come to GCC with the intention of transferring to another institution before or after they earn a degree.

Before completing your degree at GCC

If you transfer before completing your GCC degree, the 4-year school will

  • Review your GCC transcript
  • Determine your incoming status (freshman, sophomore or junior)
  • Determine the approximate number of credits/semester you will need to complete before you will receive your baccalaureate degree.

In general, if you have approximately 24 credit hours or more, the 4-year school will evaluate your admission status on the basis of your college transcript only.

After graduating GCC

With an A.S. or A.A. degree

If you graduate from GCC with an A.S. or A.A. degree, most of the schools with which GCC is affiliated will admit you as a full junior. Depending on your prior course selection at GCC and your course selection at the 4-year school, you will generally need only 4 additional semesters to complete your baccalaureate degree. But this not always guaranteed!

With an A.A.S. degree

If you graduate from GCC with an A.A.S degree, you will still be able to transfer to the 4-year school of your choice. It will, more than likely, take you more than 4 semesters (2 academic years) to complete your baccalaureate degree. Additionally, courses you took at GCC as part of the Applied degree may not be applicable or appropriate for the 4-year program. You may also have to repeat courses which you already took at GCC.