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Construction Supervision (BTech)

The Bachelor of Technology in construction supervision is a completion degree that incorporates valuable construction business skills to a technical background. This degree will give students a working knowledge of construction estimating, scheduling, and contract law.


  • Assistant superintendent
  • Equipment and material sales
  • Project manager for specialty trade contractors
  • Superintendent


As a completion program, students entering must have an associate degree or 60 credits in a related curriculum. A true 2+2 can be achieved with 21 credits of liberal arts and sciences, including five silos of SUNY General Education completed prior to entering the program. Cumulative GPA of 2.0. Laptop computer required. Students must have ability to use industry-standard software and computers and be able to traverse varying types of construction sites.


  • Ability to create written communication and oral presentations appropriate to the construction discipline.
  • Create construction project cost estimates, project schedules, a safety plan, and documents for planning and management.
  • Analyze professional decisions based on ethical principles.
  • Apply electronic-based technology to management.
  • Understand accounting, cost control, and quality assurance.
  • Understand the legal implications of contract, common, and regulatory law.


Complete a General Studies degree at GCC and earn 64 transferable credits to the Alfred program:

Course # Course Name
ENG101 College Composition*
ENG 102/105 Composition in Natural & SS/Writing in Humanities*
SPE 108 Public Speaking
MAT 129 Statistics*
MAT 140 Precalculus*
MAT 141 Calculus 1*
ECO 101 Microeconomics
ECO 105 Macroeconomics
PHY 131 Physics with Calculus 1*
PHY 132 Physics with Calculus 2*
EGR 101 Engineering Drawing 1
EGR 102 Engineering Drawing 2*
BUS 205 Business Law 1
HIS 203/204 American History
POS 203 World Civ: International Relations

*Courses with prerequisites

Other General Education Electives:
  • Western Civilization Elective
  • Art Elective
  • Humanities Elective
  • Foreign Language Elective
  • HED/PED Elective