Please visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) GCC Response Information for details on current operations.

Remote Placement Testing on Zoom

Because of the current COVID-19 situation, we are temporarily testing remotely using Zoom.

To test, you will need a computer (desktop, laptop, or Chromebook) with a webcam and audio capabilities. Also, please check that your computer can run ACCUPLACER:

  1. Browse to the Accuplacer website.
  2. Look for “Verify System Requirements” and click the button labeled Verify System.
    Screen shot from Accuplacer web page with text ‘Verify System Requirements. Check to see if this computer meets the minimum specifications required to administer ACCUPLACER Tests.’

If you have met all these technology requirements, please let us know at testing@genesee.edu. Someone will contact you to set up the testing date.

Preparing for the Test

Please visit our Preparing for Accuplacer page for aids on preparing for your Accuplacer test.

You can take test samples by creating Accuplacer sample test account. Sign up or log in to the free Accuplacer web-based study app.