Permanent Equipment

All GCC classrooms are "Smart Classrooms," which include video/data projectors hooked up to a computer, a VCR/DVD player, and document camera. Most Smart Classrooms are equipped with "Smart Boards."

Portable Equipment for Faculty, Staff, and Student Pickup

  • Laptop computers/data projectors (not loaned to students)
  • Digital cameras
  • Camcorders and tripods
  • Wired and wireless microphones
  • Slide projectors
  • CD player/boom box
  • Record players
  • Audio cassette recorders
  • Speakerphone (analog only)

Portable Equipment for Delivery to GCC Classrooms, Conference Rooms, and Campus Centers

  • TV VCR and DVD Players
  • Portable Tandberg Videoconferencing System
  • PC with Large Monitor
  • Document Cameras
  • PA System

Equipment Policy 

Media equipment is for use in support of GCC programs. Faculty and staff may check out appropriate equipment for use at GCC and off-campus sites. Students, with instructor authorization and College ID, may check out certain equipment for projects or assignments directly related to instructional programs. All equipment loaned is subject to appropriate training. Equipment must be returned on or before designated due date. Checking out equipment creates a financial obligation for loss or damage of equipment.

While on loan, the borrower assumes full financial responsibility for any loss or damage to the equipment. Any equipment that is not returned (lost or stolen) will be billed to the borrower at the present replacement value. Any repairs resulting from misuse will be billed to the borrower at the rate of parts plus labor.

To reserve Media equipment, please call (585) 343-0055 ext. 6349 or email media@genesee.edu. A form for reserving equipment is available in the Media Services public folder. The College Courier will deliver Media equipment loaned to Campus Centers.