Merit Nomination Form

Merit recognizes student(s) who go above and beyond, and it helps students build an online co-curricular transcript which they can share with future employers. 

Once nominated for their first Merit achievement, students are granted an online Merit profile page all their own! Once they claim their page, they can customize it with more photos, a brief bio, work experience, and other campus activities such as athletics, clubs, honor societies, internships, etc. It’s theirs forever!

Achievement Categories

  • Academic Achievement
  • Residence Life
  • Student Organization Achievement
  • Community Service
  • Drama/Musical Achievement
  • Visual Arts
  • Enrollment
  • Greek Life
  • Honors Society
  • Internship
  • Student Leadership
  • Scholarship
  • Sports
  • Student Competition
  • Student of the (month, semester…)
  • Leadership Certificate
  • SUNY Distinction
  • Student Government
  • Study Abroad


See the achievements we’ve already awarded at genesee.meritpages.com.

Nominating a student for a Merit Achievement is easy. Just fill out this form below. After the request has approved and processed, the student receives an email from Merit.com congratulating them on their achievement and encouraging them to claim and personalize their profile. (The nominator also receives an email notice.)

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