Official GCC Plaid/Tartan Use Policy & Information

Genesee Community College has an official plaid/tartan that is encouraged to be used by faculty, staff, clubs to incorporate into various events, such as fundraising products and services. The plaid image is copyrighted in the U.S. and the tartan is registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans, National Archives of Scotland. Both of these filings support the reserved rights to reproduce the specific plaid image and tartan weave.

The plaid/tartan design was created through the Fashion Design program, supported by the Fashion Merchandising program. Collaboratively, this design has been used on projects on campus to encourage both the concept of design for the Fashion majors, to build collegiate spirit and reinforce the GCC brand. Among the projects: 

  • Men’s neckties (100% silk)Plaid Display Case
  • Men’s bowties (100% silk)
  • Women’s Scarves (100% silk)
  • Vests (100% cotton tartan weave)
  • Kilt (100% cotton tartan weave)
  • T-Shirts, short & long sleeve (poly blend)
  • Socks (lyra/poly blend)
  • Stationery (paper)
  • Signage & Logo’s (paper)

A database history log of plaid & tartan weave will be kept on all the projects created by our GCC Community which will serve as a history log as well as a resource highlighting successful products. The log will track all projects going on at one time and to avoid having competing products the same semester/year. There is no cost involved for the plaid/tartan usage. 

All items bearing the plaid or tartan weave should include the copyright symbol: © 2015 on each item. This could be printed, stamped, dyed or attached on a label as best fits with the design of the project. Lettering should be in black, white, or one of the college specific hexadecimal/pantone colors. Specific College colors and branding guidelines can be found on GCC's Branding Standards webpage.

A new design of a plaid pattern or a new tartan weave with the College colors would not be considered an official GCC plaid and should not be used as it is a competing product infringing on the existing Copyright. It is important to keep with the branding theme, design and specific colors set forth through the College’s Marketing Communication Office. Plaids that are not using the official College colors, such as a pink/red would not be competing or infringing on this Copyright, however it may require research to see if a different plaid or tartan is already Copyrighted or Registered. Please feel free to contact the Fashion Business Program to discuss any aspect of the plaid/tartan use or intended project.

Please submit PROPOSAL FOR PERMISSION TO USE OFFICIAL COPYRIGHTED & REGISTERED GCC PLAID/TARTAN FORM to use the plaid/tartan to the Fashion Business Program. (Donna Ehrhart  DJEhrhart@genesee.edu)

Steps to Requisition the Use of GCC’s Officially Registered Plaid
  1. Complete the GCC Plaid/Tartan Request Form.
    The application information will become part of the historical use of the plaid/tartan on campus. 
  2. After the application has been reviewed and approved, a plaid image or weave count for the tartan will be provided to the lead person requesting the project.
  3. Vender of choice may be used for product development. Possible vendors could be recommended.
  4. Please be sure to apply or have vendor apply the © 2015 copyright symbol and year of copyright filing to the plaid on the product.
  5. When project is underway and after it is completed, send an electronic image of the product for the database history log.
  6. If applicable, post any images related to #GCCPLAID for online followers.