Brand Standards & GCC Logos

GCC adheres to strict guidelines when producing promotional material to remain consistent with the GCC brand. Please review the GCC Brand Standards Manual for proper use of GCC logos, publicity guidelines and other services MarCom provides.  

The GCC Logo "Buffer Zone"

The buffer zone is the minimum distance that any other elements can be placed near the GCC logo. This ensures the logo remains prominent and in an uncluttered environment. The amount of buffer zone is always in direct proportion to the size of the logo, and should not be altered.GCC Buffer Zone

As shown here, the Buffer Zone is defined by the width (or height) of the letter “G” in GCC. The smaller the logo, the smaller the “G” space.

DO NOT modify the size or location of any individual piece of the logo, DO NOT twist or stretch the logo, DO NOT omit any part of the logo ("Genesee Community College" may be removed if the logo is too small for the the text to be legible).


Any of the following logos may be used on behalf of Genesee Community College. Email marcom@genesee.edu for variations of these logos or with any questions of use.

Official GCC Logos

Genesee Community College Logo - Full Color (GCC)
Genesee Community College Logo - Full Color (No Text)
GCC - Genesee Community College Swoosh

Official GCC Athletics Logos

Genesee Community College Athletics Logo - GCC Cougars
GCC Cougars Athletics Logo - no text
GCC Cougars Athletics Logo - G

Approved Variations & Other GCC Logos

Genesee Community College Logo - Full Color Banner (GCC)
Genesee Community College Logo - Blue Banner (GCC)
GCC Reverse Blue Logo (Approved Alternate Logo)
GCC Reverse Gold Logo (Approved Alternate Logo)
Genesee Community College Logo - Black & White
Genesee Community College Logo - Black & White (no text)
myGCC Full color logo
myGCC Black logo
GCC Student Success Center Logo - Full Color
GCC Student Success Center Logo - Black

Color Palette

There are three approved colors in the GCC Corporate identity: Pantone Black, Pantone 285 C, and Pantone 117 C. Pantone 116 C is an acceptable option for web-based materials.

Designers may reverse text out of these colors, or print blue or black over yellow.

GCC Official Black

PMS-Color Usage
Pantone Black C

CMYK Equivalent
C 0   M 0   Y 0   K 100

Screen Equivalent
R 35   G 35   B 35

HTML Equivalent
#23 23 23

GCC Official Blue

PMS-Color Usage
Pantone 285 C

CMYK Equivalent
C 90   M 48   Y 0   K 0

Screen Equivalent
R 0   G 114   B 206

HTML Equivalent
#00 72 CE

GCC Official Gold

PMS-Color Usage
Pantone 117 C

CMYK Equivalent
C 7   M 27   Y 100   K 12

Screen Equivalent
R 201   G 151  B 0

HTML Equivalent
#C9 97 00

GCC Official Web Gold

PMS-Color Usage
Pantone 116 C

CMYK Equivalent
C 0   M 14   Y 100   K 0

Screen Equivalent
R 255   G 205  B 0

HTML Equivalent
#FF CD 00

Font Families

Any version (Bold, Medium, Italic, etc.) of Futura and Museo are to be used primarily by the College’s professional design team when expressing the GCC brand in a print environment.

For general college use in most Microsoft Office applications and for online environments (such as html), the following substitutions are recommended:

  • Any versions of Arial (in place of Futura)
  • Georgia (in place of Museo)

Use your discretion when designing text, and remember that clear and legible communication is always the primary goal. The typography should always support the message, rather than impede it.

Please feel free to contact the MarCom Office when promoting events and activities to off-campus markets.