What should I do if my family has special financial circumstances?

Please contact the Financial Aid Office to request an Appeal Form. Once completed, the Financial Aid Office will carefully review your request and determine if an adjustment can be made to your award.

May I use my financial aid to purchase books at the Bookstore or meals at the cafeteria?

Yes, you may use your Financial Aid to purchase books or a meal plan. You will need to authorize your aid for use in the Bookstore and cafeteria. To do this, log on to your myGCC account, select "Student Info" tab, click on the "Financial Aid Information Menu," then click on "My Award Information," click on "Authorize Funds for Bookstore Use." Read through the provided information, select the term and click "submit," then check both boxes and click "submit."

Should I apply for outside scholarships and grants?

All students are encouraged to pursue local and national awards for which they may qualify. The Genesee Community Foundation has over 50 available scholarships. Students may also research potential scholarships for free on the internet at www.fastweb.com.

Are there income cutoffs for financial assistance?

No. Many factors such as cost of attendance, family size, number of family members enrolled in college and assets are considered in determining eligibility.

Do I have to apply for aid every year?

Yes! It is necessary to reapply for aid each year by completing the FAFSA since your eligibility may change. We encourage students to complete the FAFSA soon after October 1st. You can file the FAFSA online at https://fafsa.ed.gov.

What happens to my aid if I have to withdraw from school?

Federal regulations require that funds be refunded to the Federal government based on the number of days the student was attending classes. In many cases, the student would likely owe a balance to the College and/or federal government.

How will I know when a refund is available?

If you have a refund of excess aid, you will receive an email to your GCC email account. Please remember that your financial aid will first go to pay any tuition, fees and institutional charges on your account. You must be in attendance of your classes to earn your aid. GCC disburses financial aid after census point. Students in late start classes will have their aid disbursed in accordance with the census point of the corresponding part of term.

How much can I borrow?

The annual loan limits* are as follows:

Annual Loan Limits
  Dependent Independent
Freshman (0-23 credits) $5,500 $9,500
Sophomore (24+ credits) $6,500 $10,500

*The amount you receive in a loan will vary based on your financial eligibility. Amounts are subject to change.