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Employer Services

We offer the following services FREE of charge to employers. Please feel free to contact Career Services with any questions.

Connect with our Students via Purple Briefcase

The easiest and most efficient way to connect to our students and utilize all of our offices resources is to create an account with Purple Briefcase.

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Submit a Job and/or Internship Opportunity

A database of current job and/or internship opportunities that are received in our office is maintained in Purple Briefcase. To submit a full-time, part-time, per diem, internship, co-op, summer, or season position, you should:

  1. Log in to Purple Briefcase
  2. Navigate to "My Jobs"
  3. Select "Add a Job"
  4. Complete the form and select "save"

Within 3 days of submitting your job, Career Services will publish the posting for you.

On-Campus Recruiting

Employers are welcome to visit the GCC Batavia campus to share potential employment information with students. To schedule a time to set up a table on campus, please email Career Services.

Job Fairs

A variety of Job Fairs are offered each semester to provide the opportunity for employers to meet with students, alumni, and community members. Attendance at our Job Fairs in free and open to local and regional companies. You can view a list of currently schedule Job Fairs in Purple Briefcase under “my events.”