Tutoring Center

Tutoring for all students is available free of charge by professional and peer tutors.

To request tutoring for any subject not listed below, or for more information regarding tutoring services, contact tutoring@genesee.edu or call the Tutoring Center (D207) at (585) 343-0055 x6099.


Professional and student math tutors are available on a drop-in basis in the Math Learning Center - D360. Assistance with MAT091 and 092 (HAWKES) is available in D210 and B307. Open hours are posted in the room.

Tutoring for accounting, physics and chemistry are available in the Math Learning Center.


Professional tutors and English faculty are available by appointment to assist students with all writing assignments. Schedules are posted in D209. The Library has additional drop-in tutoring. Available hours are posted in the library. Online tutoring is available by submitting papers via your GCC email account to tutoring@genesee.edu. Papers will be reviewed during standard tutoring hours.

Foreign Language

Tutorial assistance for Spanish and French is available in the Language Lab - A312. Please see the Language Tutoring page for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is available for select courses and disciplines. Please see the Online Tutoring page for more information, or contact the Online Learning Office at GCCOnline@Genesee.edu for assistance.

Science Resource Room

The Science Resource Room is located in D300. Tutors for biology are available on a drop-in basis. Tutoring hours are posted on the door. In addition to tutoring, models and microscopes are available for student use.

Fall 2018 Tutoring Schedule (September 4 - December 7)

Subject Course Main Campus Tutors & Times Available
Accounting Intro to Financial Accounting (ACC101), Intro to Managerial Accounting (ACC102), Basic Accounting Practices (ACC106) D209 Luis*
T: 12:30pm-3:30pm
Biology Principals of Biology (BIO100), Human Biology (BIO102),
Anatomy & Physiology 1 (BIO152), Anatomy & Physiology 2 (BIO153)
D300 Larry
M,T,W: 9am-2pm
R: 9am-1:30pm Sara
T, R: 2pm-5pm
Chemistry Intro to Chemistry (CHEM100), General Chemistry (CHEM101) D300 Kiera
M: 2pm-6pm
Chemistry Intro to Chem (CHEM100) through Organic Chem (CHEM201) D300 Burnie*
Tuesdays 11am-2pm & Thursdays 10:30am-1pm
Computing Intro to Computers (CIS102), Web Publishing (CIS113), Microcomputer Apps (CIS116), Prog. and Prob. Solving (CIS125), Computing Sci/Eng (CIS127), Database (CIS208), Computer Prog. (CIS219), Intro to OS (CSN115) D209 Loy
R: 10:30am-2pm
Developmental Math Basic Math Skills (MAT091), Algebra 1 (MAT092) D210

M: 5pm-6pm

T,R: 12-2pm

W: 5pm-6pm
Developmental Math Basic Math Skills (MAT091), Algebra 1 (MAT092) C209 Alicia
M,F: 10:30am-5pm
Developmental Math Basic Math Skills (MAT091), Algebra 1 (MAT092) B307

T,R: 12pm-2pm

T: 12:30pm-2pm
Math Algebra 2 (MAT102) through Calculus 1 (MAT141) C209 Alicia
M,F: 11am-5pm
Math Algebra 2 (MAT102) through Calculus 1 (MAT141) 360 Loy
M: 10:30-5pm
T: 11am-2pm
W: 10:30pm-5pm
Math Algebra 2 (MAT102) through Calculus 3 (MAT245) D360 Ryan
T: 2pm-7pm
R: 3pm-7pm
Nursing     Nicole
F: 10am-2pm
T: 12pm-4pm
Physics How Things Work (PHY100), College Physics 1 (PHY121),
Physics with Calculus (PHY131)
D300 Kiera
M: 2pm-6pm
Writing Writing help – papers, projects, resumes, cover letters D207

T,W,R: 8:30am-3:30pm

M,W,F: 8:30am-3:30pm

T: 11am-2pm
Writing Writing help – papers, projects, resumes, cover letters Library

M: 11am-5pm

M: 5pm-8pm
R: 3:30pm-6pm

T: 2pm-4pm, 4:30pm-7pm

W,R: 6pm-8:30pm

A workspace with computers is available! The Tutoring Center, D209, on the main campus will be open Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm.

STAR-NY is an online tutoring option available to all GCC students for most subjects Sunday-Thursday 7pm-12am

One-on-one math tutors are available, email tutoring@genesee.edu

*Indicates a peer tutor