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Create Your Own Scholarship Fund

Creating your own scholarship fund is easy. You can use this easy Q-A checklist to identify the name and purpose of your fund. Complete the checklist, contact us at 585-345-6809 or email foundation@genesee.edu and we'll provide you with a proposed letter of intent that can create your fund.

Scholarship Fund Creation Checklist

1. What name would you like to give to your new fund?

(Example: your name, your business name, you family name, or the name of a loved one)

2. Which of the following eligibility standards would you like GCC to use in making scholarship awards?

(Can be multiple)

  • High academic performance or potential
  • Financial need and hardship
  • Students pursuing study in a specific program or field (note the program or field)
  • Students living in a particular community (note the county, town, village, or school district)
  • Other

3. Would you like to create:

  • A permanent Endowment Fund (earnings are used to make awards) – gifts of $10,000 or more
  • A Special Term Fund – ongoing gifts of $500 or more each year

4. If you decide to create your fund, when do you plan to make your gift(s)?

  • $500+ gifts to term funds – within the next 12 months
  • Gifts to endowment funds – $10,000+ gifts up to 5 years and/or through a Bequest

5. Who should be recognized as the donor(s) on the Wall of Honor and Honor Roll of Supporters?

6. Your name, telephone number and email address