Employees Serving Beyond Expectations - 2019


Second Annual Employees Serving Beyond Expectations Awards

The 2019 GCC Employees - Serving Beyond Expectations Ceremony formally recognized the many outstanding achievements of GCC’s faculty and staff. Among the highest honors were the prestigious 2019 SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence, longevity and retirement recognitions, and the Cougar Awards. The awards ceremony was followed by a BBQ style luncheon. Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you all for making GCC a great community for our students, staff and faculty for 2019, and years to come! View Photo Album

Chancellor’s Award Winners

Derek Maxfield (Teaching), JoNelle Toriseva (Scholarship & Creative Activities), Kristen Mruk (Professional Service), Lori Kubik (Adjunct Teaching), John Molyneux (Adjunct Teaching), Kathleen Kimber (Faculty Services), Maureen Goodsell (Classified Services).

Cougar Awards Logo


Liberty Partnership - Teamwork Award

Lindsay Gerhardt - Rookie of the Year

James Bucki, Sr. - Innovation Award

Marguerite Badami - Spirit & Community

Joseph Bailey - Cougar Salute

Sarah Vacin - Inclusive Excellence

Daniel Snyder - President’s Award

Longevity Awards


Celebrating 30 Years of Service


Jeannie L. Burdick-Cummings, Student Services

Norman R. Gayford, English & Communication Arts

Dennis J. Pietrzykowski, Buildings & Grounds 

With 20 Years of Service


Joseph A. Bailey, Financial Aid

Barry Chow, Distributed Learning

Ryeder S. Dilcher, Buildings & Grounds

Philip Pickering, Math

Dawn M. Wahl, Buildings & Grounds

Dolores M. Wilkin, Human Resources 


For 15 Years of Service


Cindy A. Francis, Library

James R. Klein, Buildings & Grounds

Vincent J. Manzella, Buildings & Grounds

Donna Rae Sutherland, Marketing & Communications 


For 10 Years of Service


Shawn P. Adamson, English & Communication Arts

Valerie C. Bello, English & Communication Arts

Christopher D. Caputi, Physical Therapy Assistant Program

Michelle L. Forster, Human Communications & Behavior

Kathleen T. Gurak, Health & Physical Education

Heather S. Jones, Fine & Performing Arts

Josephine B. Kearney, Social Science

Amy A. Masters, Financial Aid

Christie M. Ross-McGee, Athletics

Amy J. Schnettler-Zak, Nursing

Jamie M. Schultz, CSTEP

Karen K. Wicka, Social Science 


Part-Time Employees with 10 Years of Service


Sue A. Ames, Human Communications & Behavior

Mary Ellen Moulton, Science


Adjuncts with 10 Years of Service


Paul J. Brew

Karen E. Flack

Christine J. Greene

Grace M. Harris 

Joseph M. Kartychak 

Julie C. Miller 

Matthew S. Pettit

Gil A. Stern

Anthony G. Trinchera 

David A. Voss