Employees Serving Beyond Expectations - 2018

First Annual Employees Serving Beyond Expectations Awards

The college community came together on Wednesday, May 16 to celebrate and honor its nine SUNY Chancellor’s Award recipients, those receiving Longevity Awards, and the first-ever Cougar Awards recipients. View Photo Album

Chancellor’s Award Winners

Group shot of all Chancellor Award Winners for 2018

Raymond Boucher (Adjunct Teaching), Ray Strzelecki (Classified Service), Tara Conrad (Professional Service), Joe Ziolkowski (Scholarship & Creative Activities), Candice Vacin (Teaching), David Johnson (Teaching), Carol Geiselmann (Adjunct Teaching), Tim Tomczak (Faculty Service) and Amy Masters (Professional Service) [not shown].

Cougar Awards Logo

Buildings & Grounds Crew - Teamwork Award

Buildings & Grounds crew on stage accepting award

Levi Olsen - Rookie of the Year

President Sunser handing award to Levi Olsen

Karlyn Finucane - Innovation Award

Karlyn receiving award

Becky Patterson - Spirit & Community

Becky Patterson at Cougar Crawl

Craig Lamb - Cougar Salute

Craig Lamb receiving award

Cliff Scutella - Inclusive Excellence

Cliff Scutella receiving award

Kristen Schuth - President’s Award

Kristen Schuth with award

Longevity Awards

Celebrating 30 Years of Service

Meredith Altman, Math/Science

Wayne Gruendike, Buildings & Grounds

Timothy Tomczak, Social Science

Mark Yasses, Housekeeping

Marking 25 Years of Service

Patricia Furness, Albion Campus Center

Dr. Karin Kovach-Allen, Social Science

Garth Swanson, Humanities

With 20 Years of Service

Ricky Bezon, Buildings & Grounds

Jennifer Ross, Computer Services

Kathleen Kimber, Humanities

Pamela Swarts, Art Center

Robert Terry, Buildings and Grounds

Diane Marchese, Buildings and Grounds

Tanya Lane-Martin, Student Services

Lorraine Anderson, College Services

For 15 Years of Service

Celina Bartz, Student Support Services

Christine Belongia, Humanities

Michele Terry, Student & Enrollment Services

Patricia Chaya, Student Services

Timothy Davalos, Buildings & Grounds

Jessica Hibbard, Warsaw Campus Center

Michael Perry, Media Services

Edward Levinstein, ACE Programs

Susane Nugent, Records

Margaret Szczesniak, Dansville Campus Center

For 10 Years of Service

Erik Anderson, Campus Safety

Charmayne Bloom, Medina Campus Center

Tara Conrad, Records

Debra Crossett, Math Science & Career Education

Rebecca Day, Upward Bound

Michelle Peck, Athletics / Health & Physical Education

Ebony Ross, Admissions

Charles Scruggs, Humanities

Daniel Snyder, ACE Programs

Candice Vacin, Social Science

John McGowan, The BEST Center.

Alicia Catlin, Career Pathways (PT)

Richard Bartl, Alfred C. O’Connell Library (PT)