Annual Fashion Show

Visit the Fashion Show Website: GCCFashionShow.com

The Fashion Program students at Genesee Community College announced the 39th Annual Fashion Show will be entirely online on Saturday, May 2, 2020 at 6 p.m. and no one should miss this “Ebullition” in Fashion!

Earlier in the semester, GCC’s Fashion Program student Yuuka Sano unveiled the 39th Annual Fashion Show theme as “Ebullition” As the theme dictates, this show will be an eruption of emotion expressed through fashion. Each scene in the show will be connected through a series of introspective garment selections with specific colors and textures to reflect authentic emotions consistent with the Japanese representation “ki do ai raku” meaning happiness, anger, sadness and joy in English.

There are industry-exclusive sponsorship opportunities available that include public recognition and promotional value. Any business, organization, or individual interested in supporting this year’s Fashion Show should contact Debbie Mancuso at (585) 345-6830 or via email at fashionshow@genesee.edu today.  

The Fashion Program at GCC has always been a flagship for the college. The knowledge and experience of the faculty and their dedication to their students has produced quality and professional workplace candidates and well-prepared transfer students since the program’s inception more than 40 years ago.

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