Student Groups

Getting involved on campus is easy!

Participation in student groups at GCC is a great way to get connected to campus, meet new people, discover new interests, and learn more about yourself and the world around you!

Types of Student Groups

A Student Group is defined as a Student Government Association (SGA) recognized group of students at Genesee Community College that collaborate to celebrate a common interest as well as adhere to all requirements as outlined but the SGA.  All Student Groups should be committed to upholding the mission of GCC by recognizing and valuing our common humanity as well as the richness of our diversity. 

Interest Group – A group of students that is working with the SEI Office to fulfill all requirements of seeking recognition by the Student Government Association.

Club– Student Group that has been officially chartered and recognized by the Student Government Association and abides by all of the requirements of such a group.

Student Organization –   A student operated entity of an office or division of GCC that performs a function of said area and exists only if the office or division exists (i.e. Campus Activity Board, Forum Players).  Student Organizations are funded and operated based on the requirements of such a group.

Honor Society – A grouping of students by local or national affiliation that requires a minimum GPA for membership and/or enrollment in a specific curricula (i.e. Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society ).

Looking to start your own club or student organization?

Become an interest group today!

  1. Fill out the New Student Group Interest Form. As part of the form, you will be asked to submit a Club Charter.  A sample can be found here.
  2. Once you submit the form, the Director of SEI will review your application and submit to SGA (only if documents are ready to be reviewed by SGA).
  3. The Student Government Association will meet to vote on recognition of your new group

*Please note that new student groups must be unique and should not serve a similar purpose to groups already in existence.