Leadership Certificate Program


The Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) seeks to prepare students for leadership roles and responsibilities on campus and in their future careers, communities and families. The mission of this program is embedded in a commitment to developing and enhancing a personal philosophy of leadership, a greater sense of self, an increased ability to relate to others, and deeper understanding of inherent responsibilities of active citizenship. This mission is accomplished through applied use of knowledge, skills, and understanding of specific theories, concepts, models, and modern issues through online learning and active engagement in the community.

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Program Requirements

The LCP has two tracks in which participants can receive two separate certificates: the General track and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) track. The General track is designed to provide a foundation or introduction to leadership and management. The DEI track is designed to provide a foundation or introduction to DEI concepts and issues. All components of the program are available within the Leadership Certificate Program Blackboard organization.

Each LCP track is comprised of six (6) modules that should take approximately 20 hours to complete. After completing the modules, you will have to complete a final project or service-learning project to earn the certificate. All assignments, including your final project will need to be completed at a satisfactory level in order to receive the certificate. 

Please note: each track in the LCP can be completed at your own pace. However, in order to receive a certificate within the 2020-2021 academic year, all material must be submitted by May 10, 2021 (for May graduates) or August 2 (for returner students).

Below are the requirements needed to be met for each track. Once registered, more informaton will be provided.

The LCP General Track

  • Module 1: Leaders vs. Managers
  • Module 2: Managing Teams
  • Module 3: Orchestrating Organizational Change
  • Module 4: Navigating Ethics
  • Module 5: Crafting Plans & Strategy
  • Module 6: Managing Resources
  • Final Project/Service Learning Project

The LCP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Track

  • Module 1: Exploring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Concepts)
  • Module 2: Building Cultural Competency, Awareness and Humility 
  • Module 3: Understanding Implicit Bias
  • Module 4: Intersectional Identities
  • Module 5: Microaggressions
  • Module 6: Being Comfortable with being Uncomfortable
  • Final Project/Service Learning Project

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