Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at CAB events and earn Cougar Cash!  Serving your campus community is a great way to get involved and feel connected to GCC.

Each time that you volunteer you can earn Cougar Cash!  Cougar Cash is not real money but a way to reward and acknowledge you for your time.


Who keeps track of Cougar Cash earnings?

Make sure to sign in and out at each event you volunteer at and we'll keep track of what you earn.

How much Cougar Cash can I earn?

Earn as much as you have time for!  The more Cougar Cash that you earn the better your chances are for winning the prize that you want at the end of the semester raffle.

What does Cougar Cash get me?

The Cougar Cash can be used at the end of the semester toward raffle prizes or it can be traded in for real money towards Cougar Bucks at on campus dining* 

*Only students with $25.00 or more in Cougar Cash are eligible to exchange Cougar Bucks– For every $2.00 of Cougar Cash, you will receive $1.00 in Cougar Bucks that can be used in on campus dining locations.

When is the Cougar Cash Raffle?

The raffle will be announced during the Fall and Spring semesters. Keep watching for announcements about other ways to redeem some of your Cougar Cash throughout the year!

Does my Cougar Cash carry over to the next year or is it only good for the current year?

You must use Cougar Cash before the end of the academic year in which you earned it.