All GCC Student Clubs and Organizations

International Student Organization (ISO)

Advisors: Jenny Weatherall and Kathleen Klaiber

Assists GCC's international students in making the transition into a new environment but is open for anyone to join! The group promotes cultural awareness, while serving as a support network for the educational and social development of foreign students. 

Multi-Cultural Communications Club (Toastmasters)

Advisor: Jacqueline Di Bella

Participants learn how to give impromptu speeches, present prepared speeches, and improve their communication skills in a supportive environment. Toastmasters helps remove the fear of public speaking and teaches you skills that will help members become more successful in their futures.

Native American Student Group

Advisors: Warren Skye, Jr.

The Group provides academic, social, cultural and leadership opportunities for Native American students. Anyone interested in Native American culture and contemporary issues is also welcome to participate.

New Age Circle

Advisor: Nichola Lerczak

New Age Circle club provides students interested in alternative spirituality with a place to share information and ideas. We provide support in the form of educational workshops, seasonal celebrations and discussions. New Age Circle club also exists to spread awareness to the larger student body about non-mainstream religious paths, such as Paganism/Wicca/Buddhism and others.

Nurses Club

Advisors: Rebecca Herlan and Richard Muolo

The purpose of the Nurse's Club is to promote leadership and comradery in nursing and to encourage community involvement.

Office Technology Club

Advisor: Jean Chenu

This club is for students interested in careers such as Administrative Assistants and/or Medical Administrative Assistants. The club gives students an opportunity to get behind-the-scene knowledge of working in an office environment.

Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC)

Advisors: Teresa Sukiennicki and Kaileigh Domster

The purpose of this club is to relieve the stress of every day school life and promote healthy outdoor activity. It will also educate its members with proper etiquette and safety precautions in a fun and educational environment.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Advisors: Jamie Edwards, Kristen Mruk and Charles Scruggs

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for students in 2 year colleges world-wide. The society promotes and provides academic excellence, leadership opportunities, service projects and fellowship amongst members. To be eligible for our chapter, Alpha Iota Upsilon, students must have 12 hours of Genesee Community College credit, an overall 3.6 GPA to be inducted, and a 3.3 GPA to maintain membership.

Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society) website

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Photo Club

Advisor: Joe Ziolkowski

Photo Club is for anyone interested in photography and those interested in learning more about it. You will be social engaged with people interested in exploring the language of photography. You will learn new techniques and gain experience in using your camera, understanding light, editing, posting and printing photography. We will be finding ways to reach out the college and community to share and exhibit out photographic efforts.

Physical Therapist Assistant Club (PTA)

Advisor: Christopher Caputi

Promotes awareness of Physical Therapy throughout the campus community. The club provides programs and events to enhance the knowledge and self-confidence among constituents.

Polysomnographic Technology Club

Advisor: Marshann Thomas and Mary Tucker

The purpose of the organization is to increase awareness and visibility for the PSG program and the field of sleep medicine; to support activities of students enrolled and/or interested in Polysomnographic Technology.

Respiratory Care Practitioners Club

Advisors: Maureen Welch

Established to support the activities that are of interest to the current Respiratory Care students or those interested in the field. The club works to raise the awareness of respiratory health throughout the community.

SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance)

Advisors: Kate Trombley

The mission of the SAGA is to support the building of community here at GCC by supplying academic. social and advocacy opportunities. Our goal is to create a community celebrating the accomplishments of LGBTQ+ students and to partner with other clubs, faculty and administration to enrich the academic experience of all students. The club is open to all students without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity and we welcome everyone to bring their own unique selves to our community. Please consider attending one of our bi-weekly meetings or keep  your eyes open for one of our sponsored events. If you would like to talk to our faculty advisor for more information on the club please contact him at the e-mail above. 

STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Club

Advisors: Mary Knappen and Mike Crittenden

The club provides students who have an interest in STEM with a social connection to like-minded students. The members have varied opportunities to promote and foster an interest in and appreciation of these fields at both the college and pre-college levels.

Student Government Association

Advisors: Clifford Scutella and Kristen Mruk

SGA serves as representation for all GCC students and their collective interests. SGA promotes the cultural, educational and social needs of the campus community. This governing body takes responsibility in the decision-making process of the College.

Student Health Awareness Group (SHAG)

Advisors: Jeannie Burdick

Our core purpose is to promote campus wellness and to offer relevant health related information. SHAG conducts campus wide programs, display tables, workshops, as well as provide sponsored speakers and brochures to help spread awareness of healthy living.

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Student Paralegal Association

Advisor: Karyn Bryson

Established to enhance and promote the professional position and interests of Paralegal students. The club conducts seminars to supplement legal education.

Student Veterans Organization

Advisors: James Simon, and Dave Oliver

This organization is designed to provide friendship and camaraderie among its members. The club also provides a place to talk to other veterans of the same generation and help ease the stress military life created.

Tourism Club

Advisor: Amy Slusser

Provides career information on Tourism & Hospitality industries through student planned trips and activities.

Veterinary Technicians Club

Advisors: Carolyn Caccamise and Bruce Ingersoll

Established to advance and improve the expertise of the veterinary technician. To further create and maintain a professional image of the profession and to promote the interest of veterinary technicians through the legislature.