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Help & Support

International Student Advisor - Jenny Weatherall (x6409)

  • Academic problems
  • Curriculum requirements
  • Drop or Add courses
  • Changing major
  • Graduation requirements
  • SEVIS Transfer procedure
  • Changing address
  • Visa or immigration questions
  • Employment questions
  • Travel requirements

ISO Club Advisors - Jenny Weatherall (x6409), Kate Klaiber (x6255)

Counselor - Jeannie Burdick (x6357)

  • Personal and Adjustment Issues

Advisement and Registration

  • Class Schedule
  • Course Descriptions
  • Curriculum Worksheets

Center for Academic Progress (x6351)

  • Tutoring
  • Testing

Student Health Center (x6835)

  • Health / Medical problems
  • Health Insurance

Student Records Office (x6218)

  • Academic Transcript
  • Submit Add/Drop Registration Form

Student Accounts (x6212)

  • Pay your tuition bill
  • Problems with your tuition charges

Student Activities (x6261)

  • Become involved in clubs and organizations on campus

College Village (585-343-0163)

  • Maintenance in your room/apartment
  • Roommate issues, keys, etc.

Campus Safety (x6500)

  • Any time you feel threatened or unsafe
  • Report crimes
  • Lost and found