How to make an appointment:

Appointments can be made by sending an email to counseling@genesee.edu. We will respond to your message within 24 hours. We suggest that you provide a few times during the week when you will be available to meet via phone or zoom video. We will send a zoom link to your email in advance of your scheduled meeting time. Please do not use this email to convey a mental health emergency. Please call your local crisis line or see our Emergencies webpage for emergency contact information.

How does counseling work:

It is common in counseling to hear, "Students have the answer to their problems inside them; we just have to draw the solutions out and make the individual aware of their resources." This is generally true, and ideally, the solutions are just below the surface and waiting to emerge. However, sometimes that knowledge and self-belief are buried very deep and may take some time and effort to mine. In any case, the counselor works with the student to:

  • Clarify what the problem is.
  • Design a plan to resolve the problem.
  • Help the individual resolve whatever feelings are blocking the road to solution.

Student responsibility:
In order to best utilize your appointments, the student will:

  • Participate actively in the sessions
  • Be on time for your appointments.
  • Cancel appointments as soon as is practicable prior to your meeting if you cannot make it.

Counselor responsibility:

In order to assist you with your growth process, the counselor will:

  • Listen non-judgmentally to what you have to say.
  • Be respectful of you as a person.
  • Be on time for your appointments, so you can get the full benefit from your session.
  • Cancel appointments as soon as is practicable prior to your meeting if he or she is not available.