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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my First Day course materials?
All First Day course materials can be accessed through Blackboard starting on the first day of class. No additional access codes are needed!
How do students purchase if they Opt-Out?
If students Opt-Out, they can purchase the product at the national price in the bookstore or elsewhere or request their preferred version as a special order.
What if a student wants a print version of the required text, and not digital only?
The price & availability of print options will vary based on the materials. Please refer to the course material listing on the bookstore website or contact the bookstore directly for more information.
How will the school know who Opted-Out? How does refunding the students for the charge work?
The bookstore will work closely with the Student Accounts office on this. Fees will be removed from the student’s account within 48 hours of the Opt-Out Date. It is not posted instantaneously, but we assure you that the refund will post to their student account.
What if a student wants to Opt-Out after the Opt-Out Date?
Students cannot Opt-Out after the Opt-Out Date has passed. Students who drop the course are automatically Opted-Out.
What if students have questions or trouble accessing?
All students in First Day should contact Bookstore Customer Care at 1-844-932-6657 bookstorecustomercare@bncollege.com for technical assistance.