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About First Day

The bookstore has been working closely with GCC to launch an exciting new program to make course materials more affordable for students and assist with student success! The bookstore's First Day™ program is an inclusive access model that provides delivery of a publisher's digital content within Blackboard, for students to access on the first day of class.

Within this program, the cost of students’ digital course materials are included in the course as an additional course charge on the GCC student e-bill. We’ve negotiated a deeply discounted rate for the materials by using the First Day™ delivery method. This model supports our goal to offer convenience and ease for our students, affordable options, and to support student success by ensuring every student is prepared on the first day of class. 

The decision to participate lies with the faculty member, and five courses were selected to be a part of First Day™ for our Spring 2020 pilot. All students registered for the courses are automatically signed up for the program and receive communication regarding the benefits. They will also have the opportunity to opt out of the program and have the charge reversed, although we do not recommend they do so as they are still required to purchase the required materials and will likely not be able to find them for a lower cost.

Key Benefits of the Program:

  • Affordability: Below market value pricing that reduces the cost on required material
  • Course Material Charge: Payment is made as a material charge with the course and allows for Student Financial Aid to cover costs for eligible students
  • Value Print Option: Optional consumable value print version of the textbook to supplement online content made available at the bookstore based on publisher availability
  • Convenience: No need to shop around for the lowest price or to find the right project
  • Consistency: Consistent first day of class delivery of digital content for students within a course, and available to study/read on any device
  • Compliance: Department of Education guidelines of below market pricing, delivery by the first day of class, and providing the students with an option to Opt-Out is all provided by Barnes & Noble College
  • Single Sign-On: Students will have a single sign-on through Blackboard on the first day of class with no additional access code required