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Past Exhibitions

Nov 16 – Dec 15, 2017 - Waterworks: Sculptures by Jennifer Hecker

Jennifer Hecker uses recognizable forms to examine the possibility of a worldwide water crisis in the 21st century. Utilizing glass for its water-like transparency and fluidity, she combines it with welded steel, iron and found objects.

Oct 5 – Nov 3, 2017 - Fugue State: Drawings by Tricia Butski

Through large scale drawings rendered in charcoal, Tricia Butski examines issues related to memory by exploring its limitations and aestheticizing the instability inherent in portraiture. Through distortion and fragmentation, her figures take on a monstrous form. The imagery evokes comfort while simultaneously rousing a sense of distress: it is alluring but disturbing, familiar but grotesque.

Aug 21 – Sept 23, 2017 – Coming Home

Exhibition of former GCC faculty and alumni featuring photography from Michael Mulley, Tim Dusen, blown glass from Dawn Hare, a sculptural installation by Gregory Hallock, and paintings by Denniston Wood.

Jan 17 – Feb 17, 2017 – Graphic Protest by Stacey Robinson

Through his work, Stacey Robinson examines Black culture from the past to speculative future by illustrating the conflicts of integration, miseducation, unresolved slavery and unresolved emancipation. He works to dismantle stereotypes with a counter assessment of misrepresentations while revering Black culture and confronting the traumatic results of colonialism.

Nov 10 – Dec 16, 2016 - A Celebration of Native American Heritage

A comprehensive survey of Native American Heritage spanning the last century, this exhibit features a diverse collection of regional artifacts on loan from the Rochester Museum and Science Center and Tonawanda Reservation Historical Society, as well as artwork from contemporary Native American artists, Carson Waterman and Heritage Quilts from Faye Lone.

Oct 6 – Oct 28, 2016 - .8C: Installation by Timothy Frerichs

A curiosity in the process of knowledge formation drives the conceptual framework for Timothy Frerichs' artwork. Through his site-specific installations, he seeks to address and inform ways of responding to and observing the natural world. With the idea that "to categorize is to know," he explores how gathering objects for information and the creation of knowledge constitutes and develops into a reality, particularly in terms of how culturally accepted concepts evolve and become mainstream.

August 22 – Sept 24, 2016 - Meditations: Paintings by Joanna Angie

The influence of thangka, a traditional Tibetan form of art dating back to the eleventh century, is evident in Joanna Angie's artwork. In addition to being known for aesthetic beauty, thangka paintings, serve as objects of devotion, aids to spiritual practice and sources of blessings to those who meditate upon them. Through her paintings, Angie combines elements of thangka with traditional western styles to convey images of compassion, community, and knowledge.

Jan 28 – Feb 24, 2016 – Keeping Up Appearances: Site-Specific Installation by Ashley Blalock

Blalock fuses craft and fine art to create objects and site-specific installations inspired by everyday artifacts from the female domestic sphere. She uses the meditative process of crochet to explore themes of discomfort and coping mechanisms used to provide solace from the stress and trauma of modern life.

Nov 24 – Dec 18, 2015 – Of Niagara: Works from the Gerald Mead Collection

This exhibition features the work of artists who are current or former residents and/or educators in Niagara County.  Covering all media, the artwork ranges from an early 20th century watercolor by Raphael Beck, designer of the seal for the 1901 Pan-American Exposition, to a 2014 digital photograph by Joe Ziolkowski, current instructor of Photography at Genesee Community College.  Each work has been selected from the extensive collection of Gerald Mead, a noted Buffalo artist and collector.