Liberty Partnership

The Liberty Partnership Program was started in 1988 by the New York State Department of Education.   Liberty Partnership is a program that provides service to students in public and non-public schools grades five- twelve identified as “at risk” of dropping out of school.  The program seeks to remove the barriers which prevents many young adults from graduating from high school and encourages these students to pursue higher education or post-secondary vocational training.

The Program promotes collaboration between colleges and universities, community based organizations, school districts, parents, volunteers, businesses and industry in providing comprehensive services for “at risk” students to enter the workforce prepared with the necessary skills to be successful.

Genesee Community College is the lead agency which provides administrative and financial management.  GCC campus resources and professional advisement are valuable to the program. The program office is located at the Orleans Campus Center in Albion.  Liberty Partnership serves students in Albion, Medina, Batavia, Brockport School Districts and Byron-Bergen.

Liberty Partnership provides the following services:

  • Academic/Personal Advisement
  • Homework Assistance
  • Career Awareness
  • Cultural and Enrichment Activities
  • Family Casework
  • Mentoring
  • Home Visits
  • Parental Involvement
  • Service Learning Projects/Civic Duty
  • Preparedness and College Tours
  • Summer Programming

For more information about the Liberty Partnership Program, see our Facebook page or contact us directly.

Program Contact

Maryann Bowman
Liberty Partnership Director

Samantha Golden
Liberty Partnership Program Counselor

Lisa Castro
Liberty Partnership Casework Facilitator

Katie Klehn
Liberty Partnership Casework Facilitator

Adrian Tyndell
Liberty Partnership Casework Facilitator

Diana Kindig
Liberty Partnership Casework Facilitator

Cheryl Brady-Thompson
Liberty Partnership Casework Facilitator

Joanne Faller
Liberty Partnership Casework Facilitator

Jill Fox
Liberty Partnership Principal Clerk?