Available Programs

GCC is committed to the notion that travel and study in another country or region broadens one’s outlook and further prepares the individual to appreciate and embrace important human values and principles. We are very pleased to offer our qualifying full-time students numerous opportunities to study in other countries and other continental locations within the SUNY program.

We offer a variety of student exchange and study abroad programs and encourage you to check back to this webpage frequently to discover new Study Aboard / Study Away options:

We continue to explore new Study Away options and will be updating this list of the available programs compatible with our curriculum. These programs will continue to become available over time to appeal to the broadest range of our student population, as well as to those students interested in very specific areas of study.

Please review this information carefully and share it with your parents and any others who will be helping you regarding your academic studies and overseas or other travel details. We are here to answer any questions you many have.