Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education


I graduated from Perry High School in 2010. I went to Genesee Community College straight from high school to save money before transferring to a 4-year school. The staff at GCC was absolutely amazing in my transition from high school to college. I knew I wanted to go for Physical Education and Health as soon as I graduated. During my time at GCC the staff was absolutely amazing. The class sizes were perfect; you could receive one on one help anytime that was needed. The teaching staff was more than willing to provide help and explanations at any time. The college was always clean and upkept. I loved the fact that there was more then just one location to take classes from; along with online courses. After receiving my Associates from GCC I transferred to a private college. Here I received my Bachelors in Physical Education and Health. I am now currently teaching Physical Education and Health at Mount Morris Central School in Mount Morris, New York. Genesee Community College was a great choice to start my Career path with.

Matthew James
GCC – Associate of Science in Physical Education, 2012

My experience in the Fitness and Recreation Management curriculum at Genesee Community College is byway of making a detoured return route back to the class room. At age 57, I represent a growing population of the non-traditional student body. We all have a story to tell and the Health, Physical Education and Athletic Faculty and staff at GCC are very mindful of that. Economic downturn was my case of unforeseen circumstances coupled with emotional trauma. The Director went out of her way to facilitate an in person introduction to the Personal Trainer program within Fitness and Recreation at GCC. In my development, I had the privilege of becoming the First Female Personal Trainer on campus at SUNY Genesee. That was indeed a major milestone and an enormous confidence booster for me. I was called upon Faculty, Staff and Students to apply my new found skills. My Anatomy and Physiology lessons, coupled with Exercise Science were put to the test. My customized one-on-one services paid off with positive results both physically and mentally for myself and my clients. I graduated GCC, 2012 with confidence known – that there is nothing – I can't do. An open door policy exists at Health and Phys Ed within a multicultural atmosphere creating an aspect where all are welcome! If you show up at GCC to learn, the tools are available and instructional guidance is delivered.

Jeanice M. Howard - 2012

I am a Genesee Community College alumna and a former student. I was a part of the Women’s Soccer Team from 2015-2017. I graduated in May 2017 with an Associate’s Degree in Physical Education. The faculty helped me decide which career path to take and for that I will always be thankful. They were always willing to help me when I needed it and they consistently welcomed me with open arms. After graduating, I continued my education at The College of Brockport and began my course of study in the Fall of 2017. During my first semester I had accepted the opportunity to study abroad in Australia for the Spring of 2018. I was happy to accept this once and a lifetime opportunity, but I couldn’t have done it without faculty at GCC. I am glad to have chosen to attend GCC as it has formed into the student I am today.                                                   

Sam Bickford
GCC - Associate of Science in Physical Education, 2017

I graduated from Genesee Community College in May of 2014 where I majored in physical education and was named the GCC PE Major of the Year. After graduating from Genesee Community College, I then went to The College at Brockport where I majored in physical education with a concentration in adapted physical education and graduated in December of 2016. Throughout my undergraduate career at Brockport, I received my first award as a Swim and Gym teacher of the week in May of 2015. I then went on to receive the 2016 Brockport Physical Education Major of the Year Award, The College at Brockport Leader in Adapted Physical Education Award. I was also a resident assistant while at Brockport where I also received the 2016 Community Outreach Award for the lower quad at the 2016 residential life banquet. Through the NYS Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AHPERD) I was honored by receiving the 2016 Jay B. Nash Outstanding Major Award. In 2017, I was the recipient of the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE America) Adapted Physical Education Major of the Year Award, the SHAPE America Eastern District Outstanding Future Professionals Award for New York State. I also received the 2017 Continuing Education Scholarship through the Livingston-Wyoming County, NY Foundation of the Association of Retarded Citizens (A.R.C). In addition, I was a recipient of Adapted Physical Education Graduate Teaching Fellowship, at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, funded by U.S. Department of Education- Office of Special Education. I also received the 2018 Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholarship through SHAPE America.

I’m currently attending the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse for my master’s degree in exercise sports science where I major in physical education teacher education with an emphasis in adapted physical education and adventure education. I’m currently conducting a qualitative study on the long term benefits of universally designed adventure education programming for my thesis project. I’m a supervisor for the adult fitness program and the social media coordinator as part of my responsibilities as a graduate fellowship student.

Genesee Community College provided me a valuable experience to help prepare me as a professional in physical education. The physical education program had quality faculty who demonstrated quality teacher behavior. The classes were always fun and interactive with my fellow students. The instructors were very helpful in helping me learn proper teacher etiquette, which carried over with me when I attended Brockport. I truly learned a substantial amount of positive teacher behavior through the physical education program at Genesee Community College and truly discovered the importance of providing effective instruction to enhance student learning. Overall, Genesee Community College provided me with a quality college experience. I made friends for a lifetime, improved so much as an educator and person and truly learned the difference between being a physical education teacher and a gym teacher.

Nick Faulds
GCC - Associate of Science in Physical Education, 2014
SUC @ Brockport - Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, 2017

My experience at Genesee Community College was one that I will never forget. All my teachers I had in my two years in the Physical Education department were always willing to help out if any other student or I needed extra help. The classes that I took were designed to give confidence in the student and help educate them along the way.

The classes in the Physical Education department were very interesting and made me want to go to class everyday. There was always something new and fun to do while learning and improving interpersonal skills all at the same time. Classes were filled with applications to activities that could be related to our lives and the teachers never talked over our capacity for learning.

I really enjoyed the challenging classes at GCC. I appreciated the fact that we had to take Anatomy and Physiology to graduate. Even though there were times that the class was a lot of work, I really enjoyed learning about the body and how it moved. I could apply what was being taught in A&P and in classes such as Weight Training, Intro to Physical Education, and Coaching Principles.

I also liked how obtaining your coaching certification is implemented into the Physical Education classes as electives. I think that is a good thing to have because it gives students the opportunity to enhance the marketability in Physical Education. I also liked how some classes had certifications that students could obtain for instance the American Red Cross CPR, First Aid, and AED.

Looking back on it, there were a couple classes that I would have rather taken at GCC then here are Brockport. I think that if all Physical Education Advisors have an academic curriculum of the different concentrations offered, some classes that are offered at GCC can be taken there instead of in a larger, more intimidating lecture hall setting.

Overall, the classes that were offered at GCC and ones that I took were very helpful in choosing my career path and I enjoyed the academic atmosphere that was in each class at GCC. There were many classes to choose from and each class opened my eyes to new ideas and sparked my interest. I think that the curriculum was challenging, but I was very successful in my classes and that was with the help of the teachers who taught the class.

Jen Ritter
GCC, Associate of Science in Physical Education 2004
Brockport State Physical Education Major 2004-2006

As a physical education major at Genesee community college, I learned great deal about my future profession. This program was amazing and it offered so much variety. When I first came to GCC I didn't know what to expect. I soon learned that the teachers and staff were very caring. They were always willing to take time out of their busy schedules to lend a helping hand or give friendly advice. As a transfer student I am now attending Brockport. Genesee, I feel pushed me to the next level. Now I am confident that I will succeed later on in life.

Tim Carrow
GCC, Physical Education Major 2004-2006

Genesee Community College was the first institution I attended in the United States. I came to the United States to experience the culture everyone was talking about in Europe. My plan was to stay for one semester and study physical therapy. However, my plans changed as soon as I met the GCC faculty and staff that became my good friends. As a student-athlete, I spent a lot of time in the athletic training room which led me to my career in athletic training. GCC did not offer an athletic training major, so I majored in Physical Education. The Certified Athletic Trainer at GCC took extra time and effort to teach me English and about the athletic training profession.

People at Genesee Community College and my host family changed my life. I decided to complete my Baccalaureate Degree and become the first Certified Athletic Trainer in the Czech Republic. I continued my education earning a Master's Degree in Athletic Training and am presently pursuing a Ph.D. in Teacher's Education with a cognate area in Athletic Training. My goal is to establish Athletic Training as a profession in the Czech Republic. I would love to be as influential on the lives of students in the USA and the Czech Republic as the GCC faculty and staff were on my life.

Marketa Schublova, MS, ATC, CSCS
GCC, Associate of Science in Physical Education, 1998
Slippery Rock University, Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, 2003
Ohio University, Master of Science in Recreation and Sport Sciences with a concentration in Athletic Training, 2004
Ohio University, PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with cognate in Athletic Training, 2006
Currently employed by Slippery Rock University

The Physical Education program at GCC helped prepare me for my eventual major in Athletic Training at a large 4-year university by believing that every student has the ability to excel. The PE program and staff at GCC helped to create an academic foundation that allowed me to surpass my own expectations and graduate at near the top of my class both at GCC and at WVU.

The courses I took at GCC can compete with the larger colleges and universities and at the same time offer the bonus of remaining small and personal. You get to know your professors at GCC and do not get lost in the crowd. After feeling overwhelmed and lost during my senior year in high school, at GCC I learned who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with my life. I loved my experience at GCC and would not trade it for anything.

Hillary Battles, ATC
GCC, Associate of Science in Physical Education 2001
West Virginia University, Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training 2003
Employed by Work-Fit® as an Industrial/Occupational ATC at Alcoa, Massena

Having not decided on my career path prior to coming to college, Sport Management presented an opportunity for me to pursue something I enjoy. The classes I took were very interactive and hands on, which added to the experience, and prepared me for a career in the Sport Management Field. Introduction to Physical Education was very exciting to me, and provided me with knowledge about all the different job opportunities available in my field.

Brad Kozak, Class of 2006

Being a part of the Physical Education major provided me the opportunity to study and explore all areas of physical education, sport and recreation. The Coaching Principles class taught me effective methods of reinforcement. All the classes prepared me to successfully transfer to a four-year college, to further my education and obtain my Bachelor's degree.

The Physical Education Program opened my eyes to the different jobs and other avenues I can explore. There are many diverse jobs available to graduates with a degree in Physical Education. Being a scholar athlete at the school, they made me realize that it is important for students to strive for excellence on the playing fields, as well as in the classroom. The Physical Education Program helped me to grow, meet challenges, and have fun!

Jeff Gmerek
GCC, Physical Education Major 2004-2006

I found that the Sports Management classes at Genesee Community College were very interactive. The professors were very knowledgeable in their fields, and voiced their opinions, while allowing the student a platform to voice theirs as well. This was very valuable because it allowed students to shape and mold their perspectives, and offer other points of view on the subject.

There are many different certifications available to Sport Management Majors at GCC. A few of these include NYS Coaching Certification, First Aid Training, and Child Abuse Certification. These Certifications are vital to preparing students to be fully trained and prepared to be the best possible candidates when applying for jobs within the Sport Management Field. I feel that the Sport Management courses I took at Genesee Community College fully prepared me to transfer to a 4 year institution and join the workforce.

Justin Bye, Class of 2006