Human Services

Human Services

Transfer Tips For Social Work & Human Services Programs

Success at a transfer baccalaureate institution requires the following skills and abilities. The Human Services Program at Genesee Community College assists you in acquiring these skills and abilities so you can successfully transfer.

  1. Critical thinking (process information not just memorize)
  2. Ability to read and write very well
  3. Time management: can handle heavy homework load
  4. Ability to use internet for retrieving class readings
  5. Understand and analyze professional journal articles
  6. Ability to follow assignments and task direction exactly and independently

When it comes time for you to complete your application for admission to transfer institutions be sure your materials address your thinking, organizing and writing skills proficiencies. Any essay must be very well written. Be sure to proof read carefully.

Remember that the junior level in any program is demanding and intense. A bachelor level program in Social Work or Human Services is preparing you for employment at the professional level (supervisor, case manager, director).

Careful attention must be paid to the requirements of the intended transfer institution. Students must apply for admission into transfer programs and meet minimum entrance grade point averages. Acceptance is not guaranteed. Admission into the Social Work Program is fall only at many colleges. Apply in October or early November for the following fall semester. Some Social Work transfer programs (SUNY Brockport, for example) require a separate application process after admission to the bachelor level college.